The Awakening 

The Awakening 

Dancing in the enchanting universe
that was so diverse, mighty, and puzzling
I buried myself as deep as I could. 

It was pitch dark but not unnerving
because the soft cushion attached to me
was kissing and cuddling me time and again. 

Soon I bounced, kicked, and jumped
within the cushion, I grew huge and loved
the entangled rope that gave me all I wanted.

 Mom smiled with tears of joy as my
heartbeat echoed, I knew what love was
and then the big day finally arrived. 

I fought my way out of her and lay in her bosom
clinging to find love, but I heard people discuss
my gender, color, and low birth weight.

Complications enveloped me
just when I thought love was enough to survive
I discovered love comes with a tag, terms and conditions apply.
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