The BCD of a Parent

The BCD of a Parent

Born they are again along with you
Crying and smiling with tears of joy
Day by day you become cynosure
For their lives become second to you
God’s gift, you are ever referred as
Happily unaware, they are too
Isolated from you, they won’t think
Jealous of your life, they never get
Kiss and hug of yours makes up their day
Love of yours, always lifts their spirits
Made up of their DNA and genes
Oh! a fact you can smile and cherish
Questions a ton, from you, they didn’t tire
Senile and old, when they are, show care
Unique each one’s life and challenges
Valor of theirs in life, come lets cheer
Wonders of world, they are one and two
X factor of your life, they both are
You be proud of them and make them same
Zillion words even won’t be enough

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6 thoughts on “The BCD of a Parent

  1. Oh wow. Beautiful lines on parenthood. Read twice to travel along the lines and the cherish the poetic yum. Wish you good luck.


  2. Nice one Dinesh. That’s an awesome treasure trove… Lovely way you had chiseled it…oved it Dinesh

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