The Beam

The Beam

The beam came gently, in the tender night,
Pulling out my Self, with all it’s magnetic might.
Resisting the haul, it managed me to sway,
Carrying to a place, brimming with enchanted light.

Defying myself, without moving away,
Awestruck, I stood amidst resplendent hay!
Was it ElDorado? The land of gold?
For, yellow sheen was all over the way!

A river of gold, as in stories I was told!
Shimmering and rippling, through the mountain fold!
Breeze blew, swaying flowers with golden hue!
What a glorious sight, it was to behold!

Mesmerised I stood perceiving, as time flew.
My Master emerged, through lustre fresh as dew!
Emanating peace, radiating love, granting grace.
The beam had pulled me to paradise, now I knew!

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