The Beastly Prank

The Beastly Prank

It was a dark and stormy night. The furious storm swayed the willowy boughs and made them lash forth. The wind raged in between the trees, whistling an ominous note. The cold October gale howled menacingly. The ominosity of the black clouds was accentuated by streaks of lightning dancing to thunderous claps. It was a night out of hell.

Old man Abel studied the ghoulish clime. It was 3 am; time to make his rounds. As the night groundskeeper for the Willow-brook cemetery, his responsibility was to ensure that no one desecrated the graves; disturbed the dead.

The university hostel that abutted the western edge of the graveyard produced more buffoons than intellectuals. Abel frequently had to chase away young lads who perpetuated mischief on the grounds, on a dare. How he hated those men, the spawn of the devil himself. To them nothing was sacred, not even the dead.

His beady eyes trying to adjust to the gloom, Abel patted his long matted hair in place and stepped out. He raised the collar of his raincoat, a feeble attempt to block the chill & limped off on his one good leg; the wooden peg of the other clattering on the cobble stoned pathway.

Suddenly, a scream rent the air; seemed like a person in distress.

Muttering curses in the name of the hostel lads who would choose a night like this to play pranks; he limped off, to investigate.

As he neared the western boundary of the cemetery, he saw a creature most foul. It looked like a giant wolf; fur bristling with a silvery electric charge, furious red eyes snapping, and saliva dribbling. It was a humongous creature, black & grey with the countenance of evil. It stood over a girl, cowering in fear. The girl slumped on the grass; her face covered by her bony hands, pitifully attempting to fend or hide.

The evil creature towered above her.

Wheezing, Abel hurried among the tombstones, fast as his leg would allow. The rain beat about him, lashing at him with unabated fury.

As he neared he saw a ghostly glow emanate from the beast. It reared up on its hind legs & howled. The sound, even in the storm, chilled Abel’s spine. Fear gripped at his heart as the beast turned and looked at him. Abel shivered, right down to this busted leg.

Then mustering his courage & fearing for the poor girl, he approached the beast.

“Shoo! Be gone you evil creature. Shoo! Leave the girl alone” he yelled at the beast, waving his cane around. Unmindful of his own safety he bravely approached, shrieking like a banshee & waving his cane about.

The malevolent creature turned & lunged at Abel. Abel shrieked in abject terror. His bum leg gave way & he fell. He lifted his arms to shield himself. Poof! Like magic the beast & the girl disappeared.

“Happy Halloween” yelled the young scoundrels from the hostel, carrying away their projector equipment, their laughter echoing.  


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