The Beauty of Greek Islands

The Beauty of Greek Islands

Hues of orange and purple adorned the horizon,
Grayish white clouds popped amidst sliding rays of sun.
The reddish sun slowly slides down the scene,
Like a pendant in a chain of valiant queen.
The colourful sky gave us a peep to heaven.

As we explored other islands of Greece,
Be it Crete, Cyclades or Dodecanese,
We loved sauntering in nature more,
Sky and sea were extremely adored.
The islands were so green and all at peace.

We checked the spot of Colossus of Rhodes,
It was now replaced by- deer on the shores,
The beauty still was serene and calm,
With crystal clear sea and the Greek warmth.
Later that night we flew down to Cretan roads.

The curvy white beaches were almost everywhere,
As if God had answered sea person’s prayers.
The blue domed Santorini with white washed walls,
So much of homogeneity was found overall,
Though back, I long again to soak in salty aroma of Agean air.


Ritu Gulabani
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