The Bespectacled Goat

The Bespectacled Goat

In a farm once lived a bespectacled goat. He was renowned in the entire area for his impeccable wisdom. 

One day a fight broke out between squirrels and parrots of the farm. They both claimed that they were the exclusive owners of the trees. Other animals and birds made futile attempts to convince them to stop fighting. Finally, all, including the squirrels and parrots approached the goat to settle the dispute and reach a compromise.

“What’s the matter?” Goat asked putting his spectacles onto his eyes.

From one side the parrots squawked, “We are the sole owners of the trees in the farm”. 

From the other side, squirrels squeaked, “No, we are the true owners.”

The goat calmed both the groups. He turned to the squirrels first, and asked, “Why do you think you are the true owners?” 

Squirrels were happy to get the first chance. They stood tall and said, “Trees are meant for us in every way. Cavities in the tree trunk are excellent homes for us. Tree holes help us to store our food. The branches of the trees often help us sharpen our teeth. The leaves hide us from predators. So, naturally, we should be the owners of trees.”

The goat now turned to the parrots and asked, “And you the parrots, why do you think you have the full rights on trees?” 

Parrots flapped their wings and argued, “Why not! The tree serves us in all possible ways. The branches are made in a way that we can build our nests comfortably. The tree bears fruits for our empty stomachs. Its leaves give us shades from the scorching sun. It provides a resting place for our migratory friends. So, we are the obvious owners of the trees.” 

“So are you saying that trees are designed to serve your needs?” The goat gave a sharp look at the disputing parties.

“Yes. Absolutely.” Both the parrots and squirrels voiced in unison. 

The goat then asked, “Who came first, you or the trees?”  

There was no response from any animal or bird. They just murmured among themselves. 

The goat explained. “It is the tree who came first. We all have adapted to the trees. It is not the other way round. Even humans make the same mistake. Some think they are the superior species and the earth is designed for them. But it is not the case. They need to adapt to the conditions of the earth.”

All the animals and birds gave the goat a puzzled look. The goat removed his spectacles and continued, “See my nose and this pair of spectacles. Do you think my nose is designed for the spectacles! Never, it is the spectacle which is designed to fit the nose.”

The parrots and squirrels understood their mistake. All the animals and birds thanked the goat and returned to their homes gaining newfound respect for the trees.  

Moral: A nose is not designed to fit spectacles. Spectacles fit noses.
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