The Biggest Liar

The Biggest Liar

Proceedings for the day started at one of Nature’s lower courts with pin-drop silence as the judge, Master Sun, carefully read through the file. He peered over his glasses and signaled Mr. Human, the petitioner to speak up. 

“I have a grievance against Madam Rain. She promised us lush green fields, but now our houses are submerged in water. She pours too much on our cities. She has lied.”

“I did not lie Master. I am pouring down only as much as always. Actually, with the creation of Humans’ concrete jungles, nowadays there are no more surfaces left for water to sink in.”

Master Sun leaned forward, closed his eyes, rested his chin on his palms and contemplated. He had his doubts about Humans, but he wanted to be absolutely sure. He dialed Ms. Ground Water on the speaker phone. 

“Hello, Master Sun this side”.

“Oh! Hi, talking to you after such a long time, it’s been a few decades, isn’t it” Ms. Ground Water answered in almost inaudible voice. 

“Can you be louder my dear?”

“I am speaking at the top of my voice.” came the feeble reply. “My voice does not reach anyone anymore as I have fallen deep down. Humans have extracted me almost to extinction.”

As soon as Sun hung up the phone, Mr. Human clarified, “I am not the culprit Master. This too is because of Madam Rain. At some places she has been increasingly pouring less. So, I have no other way but to draw excess water from below.”

Master Sun narrowed his eyes at Madam Rain.

“I was never uniform Master. Quadrupling of Human numbers in the last hundred years is the main problem. They are now facing shortages in everything: land, energy, and water.”

“Master, this is because of Technology. We have now high life expectancy.” Mr. Human argued.

Sun immediately video conferenced Miss Technology to get to the bottom of the truth. 

After listening to Master Sun patiently, Miss Technology said, “What Mr. Human said is a half-truth. Humans use me not only for extending life, but also for making arms and ammunitions to kill lives. They also gave birth to a lot of children.”

“I don’t do this. Birth of humans is all God-given.” Mr. Human interjected.

Master Sun was puzzled. 

He turned to Ms. Wind, his assistant and told, “I really don’t know who does it. All these happen in my absence behind the screen or in the darkness of night. You might have a clue.”    

“Humans only do this. They escape in the name of God.” Ms. Wind explained. 

“God seems to be some fraud concept.” Master Sun remarked.

“No Master. You too are my God.” Mr. Human submitted. 

“Stop this Human.” Removing his glasses Sun continued, “I am just a tiny star. You are the biggest liar in the room. Just see things as they are. Be simple, responsible, and truthful. Most of your problems will be solved.”

Master Sun closed the proceedings by banging his gavel.

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One thought on “The Biggest Liar

  1. If sun is the judge and all the court proceedings are being held in front of him then he should be Mr. and not Master. Otherwise, the hard reality of water crisis to happen in the coming years is well conceptualized.

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