The Bitter Truth!

The Bitter Truth!

See the doctor, I suggested,
Just a fever, you rejected,
Why delay the process of healing!
What about me? Health dejected!

Not just headache, nausea and vomiting,
Severe yellow fever with health problems and bleeding!
Not just hospitalisation and multiple-organ failure,
Grievous health conditions, with battling and  help-needing!

You  feared the worst with the severe health pressure,
though you always knew, Health is a treasure!
You  cried to survive, but the bitter truth was, you won’t!
though you always knew, timely care is a measure!

All Health-care decisions you make the most,
but when it’s your turn to see the doctor, why you don’t?
Health is Wealth and it applies to you as well,
All Super Moms, Health is Wealth and it applies to you as well!

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