The Bizarre Coincidence

The Bizarre Coincidence

“Fiona, this is Dr. Frost, calling from Sentesbury Hospital. Can we talk?”

“Hey Doctor, sure we can!”

“A complicated case has arrived today morning in our hospital. Patient needs cardiovascular surgery, but the chances of his survival will still remain bleak.”

“We shouldn’t be taking the case, simple! Send them away citing the same reason.”

“We can’t Fiona. It seems the patient is the son of a bureaucrat who has an amicable relationship with our dean. The dean wants us to take the case.”


“I mean, both you and me, and you leading the surgery”

“Are you kidding me? This is insane. When is the surgery?”

“Tomorrow at 21:00 hours”

“Give me some time to think”


“Ah! What should I do?”

Fiona Trevor, a 45-years-old surgeon had been residing alone post her mom’s demise. She had handled more than 100+ labyrinthine cases in her career with ease, but for some reason she was feeling hesitant to accept this case.

***The Next Day***


Fiona started her car and headed towards “Holygrail Cemetery”. It was her mom’s death anniversary and she thought of seeking her blessings today.

Offering flowers and incense to the tombstone, Fiona stood with closed eyes and folded hands mumbling, “Mom, what should I do? Please guide me.”

As she opened her eyes, the surroundings seemed wonky, and few letters engraved on the tombstone appeared protuberant than others which lasted only for a few seconds.


“Whoa! Was that a coincidence?” 

Fiona kissed the tombstone and headed towards Fresho Cafe to sip a cup of Cappuccino.

“Welcome to Fresho Café, Ma’am. We’ve a lucky draw going on. Please select a coupon.” The manager greeted Fiona gleefully.

Fiona chose a pink slip from the bowl. It had a sequence of numbers written on it.

 “Ah! 3, 666, 66, 8 it is!” she smiled and waited for her order.

For some reason, the numbers seemed weird to Fiona, and she kept gazing at them again and again.

“Ma’am, here’s your Cappuccino”

Fiona had a sip and then suddenly started searching for something inside her bag.

“Here it is, my mom’s phone.”

Fiona used to carry her mom’s phone with her everyday as a good luck charm. It was a black Nokia-1100 model. She clicked on the icon “Messages”, started hitting the keypad and typing those sequence of numbers displayed on the pink slip.

3 – D

666 – O

66 – N

8 – T

Without wasting a second, Fiona dialed Dr. Frost’s number.

“Hey this is Fiona. I’ve to skip this surgery, owing to some personal exigencies. Please, send my apologies to the dean.”

“Ah! No worries, Fiona, I’ll handle the case then.”

***The Next Day***

Breaking News: Dr. Seilford Frost, a surgeon was shot dead by 2 masked assailants in Sentesbury Hospital after the failed surgery attempt on Mike Lukefield, son of a top bureaucrat Dennis Lukefield, resulting in Mike’s demise”

Fiona’s shuddery legs gave way. Misty-eyed, she whispered, “Thank You, Mom!”
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