The Blaze Tattoo

The Blaze Tattoo

Hey there, I am Jezzele. I love mysteries. I see mysteries and hidden conspiracies everywhere.  My life is straightforward; I have a lovely home, lots of friends, and devoted parents. I still have a lot of friends, despite the fact that few of them have moved away due to a flood which had swept through our town. We usually don’t talk about it because people claim that talking about it is unlucky.  I always pondered but never came to a conclusion but I am sure something is fishy, which the government didn’t want the common people to know.

I wish I could go back in time to find out what the matter was. Well, now that I give it some thought, I can still learn more about it as I have a few newspapers.  That’s perfect! The following day, before I knew it, I found a couple of papers from that era. The poor quality of the paper made it difficult to read, but I managed. I quickly discovered that THE MAGNUS LIBRARY was the only library that was still standing when all the other towers had crumbled down. 

I was intrigued by the information and wanted to learn more. As a result, I decided to go to the library since it was nearby. The next day, I packed my belongings and left. The library was dimly lit and there were drawings of fires and blazes all over the walls. I frightened but continued my way to the librarian. She appeared bright-eyed, and I spotted a tattoo on her hand. A tattoo of a blaze!

“Excuse me, kid, what do you want?” inquired the librarian, to which I immediately answered, “Hi, my name is Jezzele, and I wanted to know about, what happened the night of the flood.” 

Librarian looking shaken, said, “Oh, that’s a long story, come over here kid.”

She led me to a strange and fascinating place, where I had never been. The room was crammed with dangerous chemicals and books. All of them had the same carvings of blaze.

The librarian continued, “The only reason the library could survive is because of the powerful Nick. He was a brilliant scientist who invented these lethal chemicals but unfortunately, during his experiments, he burned and died, leaving his mark as a fire blaze.” 

Hearing the librarian’s narrative made me shudder for a moment. 

Seeing me in shock the librarian grinned, and finally said “After all these years, this library could come to an end because, today, someone knows the actual truth about the hidden library”. 

Before I knew it, the book, chemicals, and librarian began to hover and vanished before my eyes. It was terrifying to see everything go away in front of my eyes. To my complete surprise, I had the same tattoo as that on the librarian’s hand.


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