The Blissful Swap

The Blissful Swap

“Another drink should be fine for you, come on darl,” her husband’s voice seemed echoing from a distance or was it someone else, she felt wobbly and the dim lights at the pent house blurred her vision. The hall was buzzing with loud music, couples were busy dancing, and others were laughing or talking loudly over their drinks.

This was the fourth party she was attending after her two months of marriage, and there was something atypical she couldn’t decipher. She felt strange as always but her dissuasion to attend these parties has been turned into persuasion and pleading from her husband. Unwillingly she always relented, to give peace space in their newly married life, but hated these wild parties to the core. It seemed alright after meeting the man and his family, and with her consent the alliance was approved for the arranged marriage.

Today’s party was being held at one of their close family friend’s place. The dress code was beachwear in lieu of the hot and humid mid May season. The selection of wearing tight shorts and tank top was done by her husband. There was always something mysterious in these parties which she couldn’t comprehend till date, hence felt weird and uncomfortable at times. The physical proximity between certain men and women in the parties were fathomless, and her mind became the playground of the little imp and needed refreshment through positive thinking.  

The din made her dizzy and she unsteadily walked towards the rest room. The young hostess gently guided her to the dark bedroom. She slumped on the bed and wanted to relax, but felt a warm hand caressing her. There was little strength left in her to obstruct, but with a slurred speech she gathered her courage to ask about the stranger.

“Welcome to the club,” a heavy baritone voice boomed. The voice continued almost in a whisper near her ear, “You may be new to this milieu, but we love this game. We come in as couples but spend the night with others, so relax baby and enjoy the adventure.”

The shock of this news was so alarming that in spite of the room being cold with air conditioning, Sal was perspiring profusely. She tried hard to sit up, thinking and incoherently uttering her husband’s name.  

The man laughed and informed her, “He is busy with Jen in the other room. He is a pro so don’t bother about him. Why don’t you explore your aptitude and have a memorable night.”

The man started undressing her and his words piercing through her soul, “Did you hear about the concept of open marriage? We all lead our normal lives of a perfect family in front of the society, but we dwell with the imperfectness behind the dark curtains of the night. We enjoy the company of other wives and husbands and live in bliss and peace.”

Sal feebly tried to resist at his gesture before losing her complete consciousness.

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