The Bookworm

The Bookworm

Riddles, puzzles, and mysteries perforate
Anecdotes, tales, and stories jump to celebrate
Pungent perfume kisses the swirling breeze
Adding grace to the cover page looking slightly creased
A dried-up rose excitedly falls out
My old book flashes a contemporary pout.

~ A bookworm glides out into a trendy world ~

Leaving aside the soft pages of an exquisite book
Technology, kindle, and tablets discover a niche into a hook
Reading mode, darkness, or brightness is adjusted
The reckoning concept of reading is readjusted 
Pen and paper steadily take a backseat
A stylus pen and writing apps happily greet. 

~ The bookworm contemplates the contrasting worlds~

And decides to bask in the glory of storytelling
He dances to the rhythm of the words celebrating
A fable of parables, allegories, sagas, and life-changing biographies
The bookworm considers reading as his coveted trophy 
He kisses his old paperbacks and other texts
Accompanied by his kindle, he embraces reading as his treasured chest.


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