The Breach

The Breach

My ears pricked up at the familiar sound. I got up, leant back, stretched out my fore legs, and yawned, wagging my tiny tail rapidly. Memories of that evening came gushing in. I hadn’t had a morsel that day. Hadn’t not been for this good man, I would have starved to death. The taste of the biscuit, which he had flung in front of me, lingered in my mouth for the whole night. 

I trotted towards him. I wanted to thank him. He was God. Humans are divine. They pet me, cuddle me, call me names like Psst, Hey, Ah Ah

Something made me stop in my tracks. Why was he tottering? His eyes were the colour of blood. Was he hurt? 

You seem different. I was deeply concerned about him, yet, what emerged from my mouth was a whimper. I took a couple of hesitant steps. He grinned, showing yellow teeth. A vile stench emanated from his breath. He must be unwell, I reasoned to myself. 

It was then I saw the second man!

With an unsteady gait, he walked towards my saviour, and lifted his left hand. It held something black and shiny. Maybe they had something in store for me. A juicy bone perhaps. I knew it. My human would never leave me in the lurch. Drool trickled from my mouth. 

A searing pain ran through my neck, as he held me by the scruff of my neck. I let out a cry. It hurts. A steady stream of urine gushed out, and made its way into the grains of sand. Something else mingled with the bodily fluid later. Something reddish and gooey, which oozed out from my belly, as it came in contact with a sharp instrument. My screams were drowned out by the maniacal laughter of my God.

Oh, the irony! Was God capable of such atrocities?

The crescent moon seemed to wink at me. I looked up, wanting to curl up in its arch.

Darkness enveloped me. No, I didn’t die. Something black was hoisted over my head. I felt something tightening around my neck. Bile rose up in my throat. Was I flying? The splash confirmed it. The foamy waves of the sea caressed my backside. Hours ago, children had giggled in joy, and had allowed the salty waters to creep up between their toes. 

Humans are not Gods, I realised with a feeling that sank with me, as the sea hungrily devoured me.


A viral post in Facebook sent shockwaves across the social media. A student from an engineering college in Chennai had recorded a live video around 9PM on ECR beach, where his classmate was seen torturing a stray puppy. In the end, he wrapped a black polythene bag around the animal, and flung it into the waters. The puppy died.

Petitions were signed by enraged citizens and animal lovers. #JusticeForBaby trended for two days. The students were arrested, and later, released after they paid the fine of Rs 50. 
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