The Bride

The Bride

The car was found on the Devil’s Road, with headlights still flashing. The passengers were not to be found anywhere. The police were surprised as no trace could be seen no clue as to who must have been riding the vehicle.  No footprints were found on the dusty road, not even animal footprints were seen so it wasn’t an animal attack. There were no signs of struggle or blood anywhere no bodies either. The local forest guard had reported an abandoned vehicle, with keys still hanging. It all seemed eerie and mysterious. This was the thirteenth vehicle in a year. Something strange had overtaken their town. 

Lorrain and Herald had met only a month back and after a whirlwind of romance had decided to get married. Lorrain had planned everything meticulously and the venue was the most picturesque medieval cathedral surrounded by pine forests. Herald insisted on driving his bride. She looked ethereal almost divine. His family had not met her and they waited at the cathedral for them to arrive. In fact, none of his friends had ever seen her.

Lorrain had just moved to Long Island and they had met at the local pub. The pull was instantaneous, Herald could not keep his eyes off her and they ended up making out at the pub itself. Lorrain had shared her number and they started dating the very next day. She was very secretive about the entire affair. She had no friends, no family and she never introduced him to his colleagues and Herald was absolutely smitten to even notice. Her work schedule was grinding and kept her busy all day, so they met in the evenings, mostly at her apartment and the passion was over the roof. There wasn’t ever a moment of hesitation from day one, the deep kisses, the spark, the rush of sensations was thrilling. Skin against skin, moving, exploring, they let the raw sensations overtake every time they met. 

Herald could not believe his luck. He had never imagined a diva falling in love with him and he couldn’t wait to pop the question.

“Seeing the bride before the wedding brings bad luck.”

“Not seeing you would have been worse,” he said stopping the car right in the middle of the dusty road. 

He couldn’t keep his eyes off her or his hands. He began to kiss her passionately, pulling her close. Her heart pounding and she went weak in her knees just by the way his fingers rested on her breast. They were practically glued to each other, his lips claiming her mouth, hungry and intense. His fingers prying under her satin dress and the heat ran in her body. He delved deep into her mouth, kissing, sucking, non stop. The kiss was maddening, like he was devouring her. She was getting breathless and felt like life being sucked out of her and yet she could not push him away. Slowly but surely he tightened his grip and in a flash of lightening it was over.

Herald smiled. Now she’s part of me forever, just like Helen and Nancy and Eleanor and Diana, Serena and… 

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