The Bridegroom With Clean Habits

The Bridegroom With Clean Habits

Sumi marveled at the wedding reception venue. 

“Hey,” her friends nudged her. What are you gaping at? Yours is the next big wedding.” They giggled and settled in a cozy corner to relish the many starters.

Sumi’s hovering eyes stopped at a bunch of men at the drinks counter. Her heart missed a beat to see Rakesh in the group. 

“I am a teetotaler and a non-smoker.” He had said when they had met at the restaurant.

“Had he lied to me?” she panicked.

“And what about non-vegetarian food?” Sumi had hesitantly broached the subject because even egg was a taboo word in their household.

He had shaken his head vigorously. Sumi had been impressed by his clean habits, and their engagement followed soon.

Presently, Sumi heaved a sigh of relief to see that even when others coaxed him to have a sip, Rakesh refused.

Sumi’s friends were busy marveling at the attire of all the girls and their exquisite jewelry while she was spying on Rakesh. 

Soon a friend in his group offered cigarettes to everyone. Once again, a smile broke on Sumi’s face creating beautiful dimples on her cheeks when Rakesh refused the cigarette.

Sumi thanked her stars that he had not spotted her spying on him in the crowd. His 6ft tall figure made him prominent in public, and also, he was on an elevated platform that hosted drinks. 

She debated whether to go up to him and speak but decided otherwise.

‘He will certainly spot me during the baraat*,’ she blushed.

Soon Sumi got busy with her friends to welcome the baraat. She was crestfallen when she suddenly spotted Rakesh standing near the non-vegetarian counter. 

Her family may excuse a casual drinker or a smoker, but never a non-vegetarian.

Excusing herself of indisposed health, she ran home and cried.

“Call him on the phone,” Her granny suggested. 

She obeyed, all the while chanting that she would break the engagement.

After a few formal exchanges, Rakesh told her that he was just back from a wedding.

“Big fat wedding, I suppose. Were there drinks?” 

“Yes, but you know me, I don’t have an addiction to drinks or cigars. The food was awesome,” he volunteered with the information.

“I remembered you while having the malai kofta. Was that not the dish you ordered first during our meeting?” He beamed.

“And was there non-vegetarian food?” Sumi quipped, gesturing to her family members that she had caught the liar.

“Of course there was. I had to fill the plate for my friend’s mom. She has sprained her leg.”

Sumi felt ashamed of her mistake. She hung up, saying good night.

Rakesh poured a peg of whiskey and lit a cigar, “Stupid female, she thinks I am a fool not to have spotted her at the venue. I am only waiting for an apt opportunity to get all the property she owns transferred to my name. Till then, no drinks, cigars, and chicken,” he guffawed as he bit his tongue into the chicken lollipop.


Baraat——–wedding procession

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One thought on “The Bridegroom With Clean Habits

  1. I loved your take on the wicked intentions of the groom. This is a truth as seen these days. To fulfill and satiate personal and financial greeds leading to devastating results.

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