The Broken Curse

The Broken Curse

Kunta rowed her boat safely and brought it to an Unknown Caribbean island. She proceeded cautiously deep inside the island full of trees and small animals. She wanted to hunt a deer and take it home .She went deep in this virgin island.

Amalgane , the son of Atito ,the chief of Little Antilles had been hunting in the same Island for a couple of hours before he heard a sound . He targeted to hit the arrow at the direction of sound ,unaware of the fact that it was not a deer.

As the arrow hit on Kunta’s leg , she screamed out in pain . Then groaning in pain she cried” Who is this ?”

Amalgane realised his mistake and rushed to help Kunta. He apologize and said ” I am extremely sorry for what I have done but I assumed you to be a deer. I should have been more careful . He then removed the arrow from her heel. He washed her wound and made her rest.  Amalgane now asked her name and her tribe’s name.

Kunte said ” We are Tainos and my father’s name is Camlagane. “

As soon as Amalgane heard this, he froze and his face turned pale . He exclaimed in a broken voice ” You are from a different tribe.Ww can never be able to be friends with each other.

Amalgane had just finished speaking , when all of a sudden , they both noticed that the sky was overcast with clouds and within no time it began to pour heavily. By the time, it stopped raining the entire island was full of water and it had turned dark. Kunte and Amalgane were left with no other choice , than to settle down in the island for the night.

Initially they found it difficult to climb up the trees and sleep on the branches. 

The next dawn , when the Sun shone brightly, Kunte and Amalgane were making preparations to leave the island , when the weather turned turbulent once again. Amalgane was reminded of what their tribal chief had warned them about the mixing of other tribes. This could lead to terrible consequences for all the tribes.” It would also lead to terrible wars lasting for days on and cause terrible destruction. The end of the tribes.”

These were the words of their priest Aguchine. Amalgane realised that they had no other choice than to settle in that island forever because for days on end the rains continued . Moreover , as they had been seperated from their tribes , they would never be accepted ,even if they did return. 

Kunte and Amalgane thus began to look for bamboo sticks and cut branches from big trees and built their own treehouse on top of the biggest Lingum Vitae or “Hollywood tree of life” growing on that island.

They lived on this island for many years, bore children and their grandchildren too lived on the treehouse ,thus breaking the curse of Aguchine ,the tribal priest. They proved that love and harmony rules over hearts forever.
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