The Call

The Call

Aai, this is so uncomfortable.”

“Meenu, you will get used to it dear. It is safe, and you can even swim in the lake with this. The trick is to tie it tight like this,” Aai gave a final pull to hold it in grip and blessed her, “Let Vitthal always be with you.”

After the ceremony, Meenu’s young friends surrounded her. They sang songs of love, played riddles with her. They teased and spoke of the night. Innocent Meenu giggled along. 

The elders of the household promised her a bright future, a wholesome family. They professed to her that she had hit the jackpot.

In a flash of hours, Meenu blossomed from a naive teenager to a responsible woman. She drowned herself in routine chores on the first day itself. Guests kept pouring in, and she patiently served them with a smile on the face.

By the end of the day, Meenu was tired. But who can deny nature’s call?

Slowly but steadily, her concentration shifted from household work to her burning abdomen. She had tried to control her desire from the time the ceremony began. 

Meenu ran to the elders of the house, “Child, it’s dark. Where will you go now? Let’s go tomorrow first thing in the morning.”

Her obedient self agreed but her body was giving up. When no one noticed, she ran towards the fields to finally have some relief. 

Meenu sighed in glee. But there was a surprise in store for her. 

“Welcome to your first night,” smirked a man. Two more surrounded her. 

Meenu stood aghast. Who could save her today? Not the nine yards of silk draped to treasure her dignity, nor her Vitthal. The only savior would have been a toilet in the house. But it was too late.


  1. Aai- Mother in Marathi
  2. Vitthal- Lord Vishnu


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One thought on “The Call

  1. A well narrated story with a message. The woes of women!

    Revathy ji believe me I did want to write about a nine yards saree but changed the idea in the last minute. A coincidence.

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