The Camaraderie

The Camaraderie

Muskaan came home running from school and told Muniya . 

“Do you know Mai, I spotted a long snake on the way while returning from the school through the jungle. I was scared because I felt it will bite me . I will not be able to live. “

Muniya listened to her daughter’s words carefully before replying 

” You should have been brave my dear . It must be Naga , the most venomous snake found in this Jungle.You should have attacked it. Did you atleast try to hit it with a stick ? “

The words of Muniya made Muskaan ‘s face fall . It was true that she had not hit the 5.6feet Naga but it was not true that she had simply ran away from it.

” Mai , do you know something, Naga has saved my life today!I can’t even think of attacking him for sans his timely appearance you would not see me alive today.”

Muniya was absolutely startled after listening to the words of her ten year old daughter. Naga had only struck terror in the eyes of every villager living near the Hazarivan jungle . Located at the foothills of Himalayas, The jungle was full of wild animals including tigers, cheetah’s, hynas, deer , monkeys ,elehants and serpents like Cobras. Naga , the young cobra was notorious for biting some of the shepherds like Bhanu , Laxman and Dukhi. It’s venom was so poisonous that they all died within half an hour of being bitten . The snake catchers had failed to capture it too.

” But how could Naga save you , Muskaan ? ”  Muniya asked ,feeling shocked . 

” While we were crossing the Lal Tibba .Saraswati , Punya and I noticed a few strange men standing under the trees with guns and nets. Both Saraswati and Punya ran to inform Ramsharan kaka , the forest officer about them. They asked me to wait near the bushes and observe the men . As I tried to hide behind a bush to observe them I noticed that  ,” the buffaloes bellowed , the boys shouted and the birds flew shrieking from the trees”, as one of those hunters had fired a gunshot aiming at an elephant crossing by. Exactly at this point he spotted me . Next he fired the gunshot at me . I almost closed my eyes thinking that I am going to die.

The next moment when I opened my eyes , I was in for a surprise.I could not believe what I was watching.Naga appeared from nowhere .He spread his hood before inserting his venom on the ‘Shikari’s’ foot. Soon my friends returned with Ramsharan Kaka. He caught the ‘ Shikari’s before dropping us near the village gate. 

I have decided to save my friend Naga , from any dangers from now on she will be my best friend Mai. “

Muniya could never stop her daughter Muskaan and Naga from sharing an incredible and an unconventional bond of camerdiere from that day. Muskaan and her friends saved many wild animals risking their lives. Naga accompanied them in their missions.
Lal Tibba = An imaginary red hill
Mai = Mother 
Shikari = Hunter
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