The Changed Soul

The Changed Soul

“I don’t want to get my heart broken into a million pieces yet again. It’s high time that I change myself.” 

It’s hard to believe that an optimistic girl like her can say this. She’s Ishika Saxena. She is a writer and content manager by profession. She has always been a kind, practical, optimistic yet emotional being.

Ishika has been through many things in her life. Her family never supported her dreams. The people whom she trusted ended up betraying her. The friends whom she considered her family hurt her. She only wanted them to be with her but they couldn’t stay long. Her dream to become a writer took a long time to materialise yet she stood at it. She made sure to achieve her goals.

Also, people change in a blink of an eye, but not everyone can do it. Ishika is not the kind to change overnight just like her friends did. 

Ishika is lost in her thoughts when an idea strikes her mind. She stands in front of the mirror and stares at herself. She knows she’s beautiful and she doesn’t need to change her soul.  She needs to perk up her confidence and prioritize herself. This is the need of the hour. Ishika locks the door of her room. 

Sometime later, the door of the apartment opens and Mahika Kapoor enters the house. She’s Ishika’s best friend and home-mate. She’s aware of Ishika’s intentions and fears the fact that her friend might take any wrong step. She calls for Ishika and meanwhile, the door of her room opens and she walks out – unrecognizable in her new avatar. 

Mahika is looking at Ishika and can feel her changed aura. She’s put on makeup which is unlikely for her. She’s confident enough to answer back to the people who have hurt her. She’s smiling beautifully.

Mahika asks Ishika to not change but instead prioritize herself. Ishika assures her, of course, she can’t change her soul now. But she can make some changes in her behaviour, and stand up for herself and it will make a difference. She looks at Mahika with love and admiration in her eyes. 

“I am doing it for myself, Mahika. It’s better to inculcate the changes in real life and not change soul-ly. I can’t thank you enough. You’ve been my protector and also, and you helped me come out of the trauma of heartbreak and the trust issues that I had. I trust you with my heart and soul. I just want to be a different person and work for myself.” Ishika says meaningfully and smiles at her friend. 

Mahika sighs deeply. She gets the gist behind Ishika’s words. Ishika has changed her look and mindset. She’s wearing confidence and her emotions are under her control. She’s a new persona and everyone will be blinded by her success. 

Ishika has chosen to make positive changes in her new avatar and create her own destiny. That’s Woman’s power and everyone should use it. 


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One thought on “The Changed Soul

  1. Wow! THATS AMAZING. One can try to change themselves in a positive way rather than changing the people or world around them…… Such motivational story .. loved it

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