The Cherry Blossom

The Cherry Blossom

Lo! Behold! 
It was a day, in merry May
The sun was up, alive and gay
I saw you cheery and in bloom
On a distant summer noon.
Thy art lovely 
Thou blossoms bubbly 
You never brag 
of your wondrous shade
You remain gentle and temperate
Many a spring and winters’ play
You have witnessed
The seasons sway
The feathered flock
Finds home in you
Chirps and chatters
None bothers you.
When the Heaven’s 
Eyes doth glare 
You lend your blinds
To be fair.
No winters’ cold
Nor summers’ pride
Could shake your beauty 
You held with might.
The weary folks
Rest and stare
At your bounty 
That is rare.
You hold your beauty
To lease
For all you wish
Is to just please.
You are the Aprils’ sweet
Spring is when
You move with the breeze. 
You adorn the blues 
And never muse
 To defy the hues 
I could not
But stop to bear
And carry your memory
To cherish at lair. 

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