The Christmas Miracle

The Christmas Miracle

‘Tap, tap, tap!’  Ten year old Jake saw a snow white  pigeon tapping on the window-pane. He gazed restlessly  at the snow white November landscape, then at his feet lying splayed on the bed. Useless. Wasted. That’s how he felt! The landscape appeared to echo this sentiment!

Jake was the only child of Marra, a hardworking- single mother. His dad deserted them  when Jake was just a year old. Marra took everything in her stride. Her main concern was her baby Jake, and she immediately took an additional job to supplement her meagre income. Everything was fine and Jake was growing beautifully. He was captain of the soccer team at school and he and his mother shared a special bond. He was very protective towards his mother and felt like a little man of the house!

That fateful day changed it all! He had been  playing with his friends, about five months ago. An inebriated driver rammed his Chevy into Jake, playing on the kerb. Jake fell down, unconscious.

He  woke up in immense pain, a bandaged head  and legs that were basically, rendered useless! His mother’s tears did nothing to ease his pain. He tried reaching out to tell her that he loved her, and remind  her not to worry. He imagined his legs would get better with time. Nothing prepared him for doctor Frost’s chilling words. His spinal cord had been affected. Consequently he lost motor function in both his legs!

Jake went into depression. No amount of coaxing from his mother,  Marra or cajoling from friends, teachers made any difference to him. He was relegated to the bed and totally dependent on his mother. He was wracked with guilt. WHY, why had he gone outside to play that evening?

Meanwhile, Marra was eager to help Jake in any way she could. Money being scarce, she could barely afford to keep a caretaker for Jake. She kept juggling and running between home and her two jobs. Her boss of fifteen years  Mr. Sheffieild felt sorry for Marra and Jake. Marra was one of his most diligent employees. She was a punctual, honest and dedicated worker. He took it upon himself to track down the driver of the Chevy. The gentleman was arrested and sent to prison. Additionally he had to compensate Marra financially. Marra received a substantial amount. She was astonished at her boss’s concern. Additionally, Mr. Sheffield’s family offered to revamp Marra’s modest home to ensure it was suitable for a wheelchair bound person.

It was Christmas eve. Marra excitedly hugged Jake and told him, “There’s a surprise for you in the garage.” Jake was unable to fathom what was in store for him. With the help of his mother he reached the garage and there was Santa Claus sitting on a fully motorized wheelchair, accompanied by a bag of presents. He was too old to believe in Santa Claus but he could always believe in a Christmas miracle. He hugged his mom and Mr. Sheffield (Santa). Life was beautiful again. He could continue being the  little man of the house!


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2 thoughts on “The Christmas Miracle

  1. This is the kind of story that while reading, the scenes in it keep playing in your head as though you were watching a movie. The main characters are well-developed. Their emotions, their attitude towards dealing the circumstances in their life are properly depicted. However, there are a few points that need a bit of consideration. Ideally if there is some renovation is happening at home, people tend to notice that and all the assistance walking in and out to get the work completed, so it is unlikely that Jake did not notice the steps or other pathways getting rebuilt to be wheelchair-friendly and did not ask his family about the same. So while chalking a plot some of these factual details must be kept in mind.

    Nevertheless, the story rounds of a great ‘surprise’ story considering the mood of the narrative which spell hope. Also as suggested earlier, “The Christmas Miracle” may not be an appropriate title for this story considering what Mr. Shiefield had provided them can hardly be called ‘miracle’. If Jake was able to walk again, perhaps, Mr Shiefield was involved in some experimental drug that make people walk again, then it could have been considered a miracle. The Christmas Gift would have been a more appropriate title.

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