The Cord

The Cord

Inside your womb I resided for months nine,
In its safe haven, I did sleep and dine.
Tender tales and lullabies you made me hear,
Encouraging me to become strong, with no fear.

While I swam and gurgled in sweet placenta,
Waiting, you knitted for me socks, pink ‘n’ magenta.
You made me feel the warmth of your gentle touch,
Alluringly entwined I was, in you loving clutch.

From a tiny seed, to a neonate I grew,
Ready to step into the world, where I knew few.
Your soothing voice made me feel so strong,
As I parted from the comfort, you gave me all along!

Separating from the cord that united us,
I came to the cosmic world thus!
How enraptured I was, seeing light all around,
In your warm embrace, a divine spirit I found.

You called me your sweet cherub,
A bundle of joy I was, in your chaotic hubbub.
An invisible cord still holds us now,
Unconditional love for you, I do vow!

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