The Crazy Base

The Crazy Base

“Hola Sulemanbhai, look I’m back in a new Avatar. It has taken some time for me to know the technological advancements but believe me I will rock this time, too.”

“I’m a living example of the legacy you carry. Your forefathers made the man think about the falling apple than eating it. Some others in your family made the man run nude exclaiming, Eureka, Eureka!! The science still expresses gratitude to your entire family. There are other exemplary stories in the arts, literature and sports fraternity that boast of your contribution. Personally, no one can forget your role in the Jatt’s minds that lead to the win of 1983 against the mighty Windies,” added Sulemanbhai, the patriarch of the newbies.

“Yes, yes, I have heard about all these heroics and your encouragement only emboldens my wish to make a name for myself. By the way, how are the cerebral twin brothers doing?”

“There seems to be some peace between the two but now that you have come, there would be fun soon, I’m sure,” Sulemanbhai chuckled.

“You know what, while the logical one hates me, the creative one supports me extensively. The right thinks there is nothing left in pursuing me. But our tribe takes the crooked path from consciousness to the sub-consciousness, appearing as dreams, and not letting the mind rest in peace. A few of them were successful, you see.”

Nodding his head in agreement, Sulemanbhai said, “The world knows about it. Every idea born has to face the ridicule of the logical and survive the storm of reasoning. Tell me what new did you learn this time?”

“I learnt coding to begin with. I now know to create programs in various languages. We have been included in a Whatsapp group where our creator regularly gives us updates. We can now create new viruses ourselves. By the time an anti-dope is created to kill the virus, we are equipped with Artificial Intelligence to make the virus mutant. In short, before they prepare medicine to kill us, the virus becomes more powerful and strengthens itself to become immortal to say.”

“Mind-boggling brother! But do you intend to abolish the entire mankind?” a worried Sulemanbhai asked.

“No, No. If there are no people, how will we survive? There are millions of my breathen for whom mankind is the cradle. A man’s mind is our fertile land where we are nurtured to bear the fruits of innovation and invention.” The newbie enjoyed a moment of reflection and continued

“You know what, I‘m one of the, zillion microscopic ideas that take birth in a creative mind. The man who is able to catch me, retain me and use me effectively is successful. If the intention is good, the output is good.”

“True, I hope only good noble souls catch up and make your use effectively. May the mankind recognize you and give due credit, my friend Keeda,” said Sulemanbhai with folded hands.

Keeda, the new idea winked back.

Author’s Note: Sulemani is a commonly used terminology for anyone doing masti “keedagiri” by the boys in the gullies of Mumbai.

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