The Cupid Game

The Cupid Game

The cupid plays its game,
Exchanged looks, with emotions aflame,
Music strumming in the air all over,
Songs of Love and happiness moreover,
Familiarity and promises they need,
Introduction and talks proceed.
Losing yourself, to your ecstatic mind,
Mental and intellectual zones get redefined. 
As both grapple this mystery, are in a turmoil.
They go bizarre, rewind and recoil.
Surfacing innermost desires, amidst both,
Attracting them in an inseparable oath.
Feelings of togetherness, as two become one,
Bonding within, is like a golden trophy won.   
Strings of desire, uniting both of them.
Friendship, commitments and promises made.
Care and affection forever shared.
External and internal existence feels divine,
Culminating into an inseparable marriage bond for life time.
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