The Curse(d)

The Curse(d)

“May I have this dance?”



It was a pleasant morning, one of a kind. Or maybe it was the calm just before the storm.

I parted the curtains, letting in some sunlight. She was sleeping peacefully on the bed.

“This should not have happened!”

I lit a cigarette and sipping on my tea watched her breathe soothingly. As I turn to face the view outside, I was stirred by her mumbling.

“Don’t go, please. I can’t live without you!”

I closed my eyes and let a tear drop on the marble floor.

“She loves me. I don’t know what to do. I love her too, but…  she cannot stay with me forever…  She will die someday, and I will still be living, alone with this curse…  I cannot do this- to her, to me, to us…  I have to leave…”

As I start dressing, she wakes up, planting a soft kiss on my dry lips, making me want more of her, now and forever.

I start crying and reveal to her my darkest secret. She is mum.

“What is she thinking?”

“She does not believe me.”

Suddenly I hear some distant shrieking. A fire broke out in the hotel and we need to run for our lives.

“That’s it. I should run away.”

And as we go down the stairs, I grab a blanket and make my way out of the hotel.


It’s been a week now and she hasn’t called yet. Nor did I look back since my escapade.

“Did she manage to escape?”

“Is she dead?”

The thought terrifies me.


Guilt dawned upon me.

“I could’ve saved her.”

I drink the poison in the hope of finally dying, if not of poison then out of guilt. But I find myself coming out of the river- naked, taking a re-birth per my curse. I’m immortal.

I return to my empty apartment- with an emptier soul and lay flat on my stomach, lost in my dreams.

Nearly 200 years ago I was a scientist, researching life-saving drugs. One of my potions had flared well and saved many lives during the plague. It had potentials to bring back the dead to life. But it had a side effect- it was only for the ill and not the healthy ones. But I drank the potion out of anxiety of not catching the disease, just so that I could save more lives, and that is how I got this curse- immortality.

I wake up from the nightmare and am shocked to see her in all her beauty. She is standing there by the window with a cup of coffee in one hand and the other reaching out to me. I’m confused and she brings me back to reality with a kiss- she is real; alive and teasing me with her curly brown locks, running around the room making me want to chase her.

Phew! It was all a dream- the revelation, the fire, the loss.

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2 thoughts on “The Curse(d)

  1. ‘May I’ was used just as a compulsion. The phrase couldn’t be the helm of the story. The limit of words, here, became a speed-breaker. Narratives also went wayward somewhere. Somehow the cohesion came at last but two paragraphs.

  2. A lovely sci-fi take on the prompt. The limitations of words prevents your idea from elaborating further. Else, this is a harness prompt kind of story. Would have loved to read more of it

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