The Curve That Cheers 

The Curve That Cheers 

The happiest curve – a sweet smile
Between souls, it’s the shortest mile.
Laugh lines around the mouth? Fret not,
Just shows you’re in a happy spot.
A warm smile spins magic!

Broken or mended, rise and shine
Let fortitude, your life define
Flex your face muscles, laugh and beam
Pass it around, help others dream
A warm smile does the trick!

Stressing over the pandemic?
Let’s start a smile epidemic!
Flash it to strangers, young and old
Or a known face with woes untold.
A warm smile revives all!

When all seems lost, the world looks grim,
A maelstrom of pain – dark and dim,
An orphaned child, a battered wife,
Jobs lost, or some dark inward strife,
A warm smile lifts us up!
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