The Damaged Eye

The Damaged Eye

A mid-air crisis occurred.
They called it a ‘May-Day’.
Cardiac arrest, the pilot suffered.

The Co-Pilot was in grey.
He wasn’t a pro in emergency landing,
Alas! They called it a ‘May-Day’.

Situation went more demanding.
As aircraft went out of control,
He wasn’t a pro in emergency landing.

She emerged out of the painted doll.
Took the gears in her hands,
As the aircraft went out of control.

She was trained how to land.
Her skill shelved for her damaged eye.
But, took the gears in her hands.

Experts raised numerous whys.
She saved ’em all; her conscience spurred.
Her skill shelved for a damaged eye
Until, a mid-air crisis occurred
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One thought on “The Damaged Eye

  1. This is really a wonderful piece, crisp in style, but has a volume of meaning. Kudos to the persona in your poem.

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