The Dandelion Song

The Dandelion Song

I wanna blow…
Dandelion puffs, as they sway and twirl
Off they fly, to places unseen
My wishes, will the Gods fulfill?

“Ah! Stop it, please!” Noah woke up panting and huffing, drenched in sweat. 

Placing one hand on his heart, Noah rushed towards the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. A 6-ft tall moderately built man with befuddled eyes, hiding excruciating pain stared back at him. It seemed as if he had been whipped mercilessly by a silver whip coated with shards of broken glass and prickliest thorns. With those wobbly hands, he started unbuttoning his shirt and there appeared a huge black mass enwreathing the region around his chest. It seemed like a murky creeper spreading its venomous tendrils all around his heart. 

Noah, an orphan had been residing in his college dorm. It all started on his 20th birthday. That night he had a beautiful dream. Basking amidst the dandelion fields, he heard a mellifluous voice which lured him into a hypnotic trance. There stood a mesmerizing lady with auburn red hair and a protruded belly. She kept humming a soulful verse, gazing at Noah intently. 

I wanna blow…
Dandelion puffs, as they sway and twirl
Off they fly, to places unseen
My wishes, will the Gods fulfill?

Briny drops dripping from her eyes transmogrified into dandelion puffs which dispersed in the air as the coy wind caressed her cheeks gently. 

What Noah thought to be a blissful dream, turned out to be his worst nightmare. Waking up the next day, he discovered a small black mass surrounding his heart. It felt like a prickly thorn in the beginning but with every passing day, he had the same dream and the mass started growing bigger. The pain felt intense now, sometimes so excruciating that he had to take leaves for days together which affected both his personal and academic lives.

Noah consulted many eminent doctors from top-notch hospitals but to no avail. Even those well reputed doctors were intrigued seeing his condition as this was something very new for them as well. Doused in melancholy, Noah kept travelling from one place to another, hoping to find a person who can cure him of his dilemma. Today was no different.


“Sorry, we need time. We’ve ne’er heard of this before.”

“We’re clueless. This is very……bizarre!”

That was the seventh hospital Noah visited since morning. As he was about to give up, he heard a feeble voice, “I can help you, Noah!”

Surprised, Noah turned around and saw an aged woman, in her seventies probably, about 4-ft in height clad in a black cloak, having wizened and crumpled skin, time-chiseled over the years, brumous eyes exuding a lambent glow and winter-white tresses, thin and weather-beaten, shimmering in golden sunlight.

“Do I know you, lady?” 

“No, you don’t. But I do. I think I can help you out.”

Noah had been waiting for so long to hear those words. The old lady seemed no less than an angel for Noah.

“May I know your name, lady?”

“You can call me Granny.”

“Sure Granny. Do you know the cure for this thing?” A desperate Noah enquired, lifting his T-shirt and unveiling the black mass.

“Yes, I’m aware of your condition. Don’t ask me why. I can’t tell you that. I need to know the song which you’ve been hearing in your dream.”

“I wanna blow…
Dandelion puffs, as they sway and twirl
Off they fly, to places unseen
My wishes, will the Gods fulfill?”

“Ah! This seems to be the concluding verse. Noah, let me tell you the story of Fairy Regalia.”


“Listen to me carefully. Long ago in SonataLand, a region between Earth and Heaven, there lived an enchanting Fairy named Regalia. She was bestowed with cerulean blue eyes, auburn red hair, alabaster skin and a voice, so canorous that it moved mountains, tantalized rain and made flowers bloom.”

Noah’s eyes widened. The description matched with the lady he had been seeing in his dreams.

“Singing was as precious to her as her life. She used to weave her own verses and sing her heart out, basking amidst those dandelion fields. Her voice had a miraculous power of healing despondent souls. Joshua was one of them.”

“Ah! Dandelion fields. I get that now. But who was Joshua?”

“Joshua was a shepherd of SonataLand who had lost his parents and siblings in a catastrophic war. Dejected and heartbroken, he was about to end his life when he heard Regalia’s serene voice. The soothing power in her song healed his soul and ignited fervent sparks of love in his cupid heart.”

“Love at first sight, you mean?” Noah giggled.

“Sort of! But he didn’t confess at once, instead kept meeting Regalia every day in those Dandelion fields furtively. Days turned into months and months into years. Regalia too grew fond of Joshua and craved to start a family with him. But it seemed Fate had some other plans for them.”

“What plans?”

“When Regalia revealed about Joshua to the Emperor of Sonataland, there was a huge uproar in the castle. The love between a fairy and a shepherd was strictly forbidden as per the laws of SonataLand. But it was too late by then. Regalia was already three months pregnant.”

Everything seemed crystal clear to Noah. The lady in her dream having a protruded belly and grieving while singing a song – all made sense now.

“Joshua was executed, and an awful curse was cast on Regalia. Her voice, which had been her source of joy and her lifeline, was snatched away from her, despite Regalia tussling and pleading.”

“How cruel and inhumane!”

“There’s more to it, Noah. The emperor transformed Regalia’s voice into a dandelion puff with the help of a magic spell and blew the seeds away into four corners of Earth rendering it impossible for Regalia to retrieve her voice. Unable to bear the pain, Regalia entered into deep slumber.”

“You mean, she’s not dead?”

“Not yet. But she has very little time left. The curse has to be lifted within the stipulated time; else she’ll sleep for eternity.”

“Hold on Granny. I heard the story. But how is this story linked to my condition? And how do you know so much about Regalia?”

Granny let out a deep sigh and explained, “There are some things which I can’t reveal right now. You’ll get to know later. However, the black mass enwreathing your heart looks somewhat like the black aura which has started devouring Regalia. The day she dies, you die too. Somehow, only you can save Regalia and yourself from the curse.”

Noah was completely befuddled. He couldn’t comprehend how the curse that affected Regalia sowed its seeds in Noah’s life as well. Nevertheless, he wanted to survive. 

“Tell me how to break the curse, Granny.” A determined Noah retorted.

“Before losing consciousness, Regalia had weaved a song which she planned to sing to her baby once it was born. The song had 5 verses and the verse you keep listening in your dream is the concluding one which she kept singing in the castle as well. As you know, Regalia’s voice is strewn all around the Earth as dandelion seeds, you need to fetch those seeds from the four corners of the Earth. Each seed encompasses a verse. Once you find the seed, the verse will appear and after collecting all 4 verses, the song will be complete, and the curse will be broken.”

“How will I find those minuscule seeds in this humongous planet? And don’t you have any idea about the complete song that Regalia had composed?”

“Regarding your second question, as I told you, I’m only aware of the concluding verse. The original song lies with Regalia only. None in the kingdom know about the song. Regarding your first question, here take this!”

Granny handed Noah a golden scroll and a hefty book. The scroll and the book were glinting as if smeared with a layer of pixie dust.

“Riddles (related to Regalia’s life) will appear in this scroll which you’ve to solve before you run out of time. Once you get the answer, you’ll find the seed. With the seed, the lost verse will also appear.”

“What about the book, Granny?”

“Well, the book contains the details regarding the life of Regalia. We had it documented post Regalia’s birth as per the emperor’s request. You can get a hint about her day-to-day life and routine activities, plus it will help you solve the riddles as well.”

“May I know the reason why you’re entrusting this task to me, Granny? You could’ve also solved it, right?”

“The scroll didn’t choose me. It chose you. Let me show you.”

“O magical scroll of SonataLand, tell me who’s worthy of breaking the curse?”

There appeared a name glittering in blue ink and such admirable calligraphy – “NOAH”

Noah was stupefied at this sight. Without wasting a second, he said, “Let’s get started then. Can I get the first riddle, please?”

“Let the scroll guide you, Noah. I’ll meet you after you complete solving all the riddles.” – With these words Granny vanished from the scene.


A puzzled Noah headed back home and kept staring at the scroll. He tried to imitate Granny, “O magical scroll of SonataLand, please reveal the first riddle.”

The first riddle appeared in the scroll.

I’m serene, I’m royal
Emanating tranquil vibes, my power
Adored by Regalia so much
You can find me in her kitchen and her shower

“This should be easy” Noah thought and went through the contents of the book. He opened the chapter “Regalia’s Eating Habits”. To his amazement, there were lakhs of pages describing the foods she liked from the day she was born till the day she fell unconscious. Noah spent many sleepless nights, reading that chapter, frantically searching for a clue but nothing seemed lucid. 

“Ah! Let me have a sip of my fav Lavender tea. I need that elixir to soothe my discombobulated mind.” A fatigued Noah pondered.

Noah went to the kitchen to prepare tea. As he opened the tea jar, a thought popped up in his mind and he rushed back to his room. He started looking for a specific word in the book and got his answer.

“Royal is the color purple. An ingredient which emanated tranquility and was used in the kitchen of SonataLand as tea and in showers as oils and bathing perfumes. The answer is none other than Lavender.”

No sooner he uttered the word “Lavender”, the scroll emanated a golden glow. A dandelion seed, wrapped in a bubble, appeared out of the blue and the first missing verse started appearing on the scroll. 

I wanna fly…
Away from the chattering crowd
Into the land of heavenly paradise
Where lavenders and posies enshroud.

The room reverberated with the melodious voice of Regalia singing the verse. A sudden feeling of serenity enveloped Noah. He lifted his shirt and was flabbergasted seeing the black mass shrinking in diameter. Overjoyed, he became determined to solve the remaining three riddles.


“O magical scroll of SonataLand, please reveal the second riddle.”

The second riddle appeared in the scroll.

I’m a source of energy
Shimmering in colors, bright
Regalia loved to seep me all in
Every day, at morning eight.

“Ah! The answer is tea.” Noah yelled, excited.

Nothing happened. 

“What? How? Then how about Juice? Water? Glucon-D? ORS?”

The scroll stayed the same. Noah was frustrated. There were a zillion drinks that Regalia loved to drink, how would he solve this riddle?

He started going through the chapters from dusk to dawn and then eventually drifted off in his chair. A faint beam of light passing through the window, fell on his weary face, pricking his eyes, perturbing his slumber.

“Ah! Is it morning already? The rays are so faint yet refreshing. How I yearn for a morning walk now!” Noah mumbled and resumed reading the book.

Regalia loved morning walks. It rejuvenated her mind and body. – This line caught Noah’s attention. 

“I think I got my answer. A source of energy shimmering in colors bright – yellow, orange, red. Regalia loved to seep it every day at morning eight. That’s her morning walk schedule. The answer is Sunrays.”

The scroll started glinting again and another dandelion seed appeared right before Noah along with the second missing verse.

I wanna kiss…
The coquettish rays of sun, warm
How it fondles, caresses my face, bare
As I lay on the ground, spreading my arm.

The room echoed with Regalia’s voice and the black mass on Noah’s chest shrank further. Two more riddles left for completion of the song.


“O magical scroll of SonataLand, please reveal the third riddle.”

The third riddle appeared in the scroll.

Sprinkling essence of love and hope
I’m the muse of many a poet
Regalia loved my scent, divine
She and I used to sing a duet

Noah kept reading the riddle repeatedly but couldn’t guess the answer. 

“Is that a friend of Regalia who loved singing as well?” Noah pondered and started reading the chapter “Regalia’s Friends and Acquaintances”. There were quite a lot, but none were lovers of music. 

Weary after incessant reading, Noah went out for a walk. The sky was overcast with clouds, and it started drizzling. Noah rushed to take shelter under a tree. 

“Ah! The smell of petrichor.” 

Noah looked all around and enjoyed the monsoon music – pitter patter raindrops, chirping of birds, that frolicsome frog plopping into the puddle, rusting foliage, distant whistles of a tea kettle, boisterous wind and then a sudden realization dawned on him.

He rushed back home, drenched from head to toe and mumbled, “How can this be? Somehow, I feel Regalia and I are quite similar in many aspects. Essence of love and hope, muse of many a poet, Regalia loved the scent and together they sang a duet. I think I know the answer now. It’s Rain.”

Lo and behold! The scroll emanated a golden glow and there appeared another Dandelion seed along with the third missing verse.

I wanna inhale…
The aroma of rain, petrichor
Let those rejuvenating drops fall
Wash away my grief and rancor.

The room once again reverberated with the voice of Regalia and the black mass in Noah’s heart reduced to a dot. Exhilarated, Noah was ready to face the final battle.


“O magical scroll of SonataLand, please reveal the final riddle.”

The fourth and final riddle appeared in the scroll.

Standing midway between light and darkness
Painting my canvas with shades of a deeper hue
Regalia tantalized me through her song, dulcet
Mesmerized, I arrived with my siblings, quite a few.

“This is the last and the toughest of them all!” mumbled Noah. 

Without wasting a second, Noah rushed to his rooftop holding the book and the scroll. The sun was about to set, and Noah started his research. He kept flipping the pages of the book, hoping to find a clue. He went through the chapter “Regalia’s Songs” and started reading the verses she had composed earlier. One peculiar thing Noah noticed was that all her songs revolved around Nature. Regalia drew inspiration from her surroundings. 


Closing the book, Noah laid on the ground glancing at the western sky which was illumined with orangish and purplish hues. Bazillions of twinkling jewels were strewn all over the sky. The serene moon was visible from a distance, dousing Noah in its silvery sheen. 

Noah woke up in a jolt and started analyzing the riddle again.

“Borderline between night and day, painting the canvas with deeper hues like purple, red and orange, attracted by Regalia’s voice, it arrived with its siblings few – stars and moon. Twilight is the answer.”

The scroll shone once again, and the last seed appeared along with the fourth and final missing verse.

I wanna gaze…
Deep into the sky, cerulean blue and swoon
At the sight of Princess Twilight riding her chariot, huge
Unfurling purple mantle of stars and a crescent moon.

A blinding light emanated from the scroll and a beautiful maiden with pearl white skin and silky red tresses surrounded by coruscating dandelion puffs appeared right before Noah. 

“Fairy Regalia!” Noah mumbled in amazement.

All the four dandelion seeds, wrapped in bubbles, emanated from the scroll and rose in the air. 

Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop!

The bubbles plopped. The seeds united and a fulgent mass of light flew towards Regalia. She absorbed it all, opened her eyes and started singing the complete song.

I wanna fly…
Away from the chattering crowd
Into the land of heavenly paradise
Where lavenders and posies enshroud.

I wanna kiss…
The coquettish rays of sun, warm
How it fondles, caresses my face, bare
As I lay on the ground, spreading my arm.

I wanna inhale…
The aroma of rain, petrichor
Let those rejuvenating drops fall
Wash away my grief and rancor.

I wanna gaze…
Deep into the sky, cerulean blue and swoon
At the sight of Princess Twilight riding her chariot, huge
Unfurling purple mantle of stars and a crescent moon.

I wanna blow…
Dandelion puffs, as they sway and twirl
Off they fly, to places unseen
My wishes, will the Gods fulfill?

Her divine voice wrapped Noah in a cocoon of tranquility, and he realized, he had been healed. He looked at his bare chest, the dot had disappeared. Misty-eyed, he bowed before Regalia.

“I always wanted my baby to hear this song. I see now it’s fulfilled. Thank you for saving me, son!” – Regalia’s response shook Noah.

“Son? I don’t understa…” 

Another blinding light emanated from the scroll and Granny appeared out of the blue.

“I see you’ve completed all the riddles and the song as well. Congratulations, grandson. I think it’s time for a proper introduction. Nice to meet you. My name is Rosalia, mother of Regalia and your Granny.”

Noah’s shuddery legs gave way. He fell with a loud thud, unable to grasp the happenings.

Regalia embraced Noah and kissed his forehead whispering, “Son, it’s time for you to retrieve your lost memories as well.”

Plethora of flashbacks flashed right before Noah’s eyes. 

5-year-old Noah:

“Granny, when will Mom wake up?”

“I’m also trying to figure that out Noah.” 

10-year-old Noah:

“What’s this void in my heart, Granny? It looks scary.”

“You see, your mom went into deep slumber when you were still inside her womb. We thought we had lost you. Her belly kept growing bigger, but Regalia laid lifeless. You were born 6 months later. But unfortunately, you inherited a part of the curse as well. Though, you have your voice intact, the black mass will keep spreading further till we don’t find a cure.”

15-year-old Noah:

“Granny, it’s painful. I can’t take it anymore.”

“Noah, please have patience. Just a bit more. I’m working on finding a remedy. I’ll cure you and Mom soon.”

19-year-old Noah:

“Granny, why do you seem so pale? Is everything okay?”

“Noah, I’ve found the remedy. But that must come with a price. Are you ready to pay for it?”

“If it’s for Mom, Yes I’m ready.”

“Now listen to me carefully. You’ve to pay the price with your memories. Everything about SonataLand, including the curse will be erased from your mind. You’ll have no clue about me or your mom. You’ll be released to Earth and you’ve to lead the life of an orphan in a college dorm for about a year. On your 20th birthday, the curse will reappear, and you’ll have to figure out the cure. I’ll guide you throughout, but the battle will be yours.”

“But why should I be released to Earth, Granny?”

“Because the cure lies there and only you can figure that out.”

“What if I don’t remember you and Mom at all?”

“That won’t happen. Once you win the battle, your memories will resurface.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“That’s what the scroll says” – Granny replied showing a coruscating scroll to Noah.

“What’s this? I don’t understand.”

“There’s not much time left, Noah. Things will slowly fall into place. You just have to take the plunge.” Granny said kissing Noah’s forehead.

The world around seemed wobbly, and Noah vanished into thin air.

“I remember, I remember everything now, Mom! Granny!” Noah hugged them tight, sobbing incessantly.

“It’s time to head back home, Noah.” Regalia said affectionately, waving her hand.

Regalia, Granny and Noah, wrapped in a cocoon of shimmery Dandelion puffs, flew to their abode, SonataLand, humming the Dandelion song that reunited the family.
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