The Dark Adventure

The Dark Adventure

Caves passed one by one, long and narrow,
Cooing aloud the kids welcomed every tunnel,
Continuing to sway and chirp as a sparrow,
Clapping their hands sang Harry and friends with Brunel.

‘Ah, the thirtieth one has come,’ smiled Priya
Again the kids jumped in joy and screamed,
‘After this how many more, Miss?’ chimed Siya.
‘At last, we have one more,’ The teacher beamed.

Hop hop the train kept moving at a steady speed,
Hands, pair of fifty kept clapping with glee.
‘Hush, hush!’ to the teacher no one paid heed,
Hard it is to manage a kids’ outing, you see.

‘One last left,’ jumped Zara in her pretty gown,
On its arrival, a huge thud ripped through the air,
One after the other the kids fell down;
Oh, he who planted the bomb didn’t really care!!!
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