The Dawn of Realisation

The Dawn of Realisation

It was the crack of the dawn; the sunrays poured down from the windows of No. 7 Indian Creek Island road also known as ‘billionaire Bunker.’ True to the name, here the atmosphere exuded royalty and sophistication. The family of three stayed in a twelve room mansion at one of the richest street in America.  

Like any other day, everyone was engaged in his or her household chores except for Eve; she was ready before time, for may be the first time in her life. After all, she was going to receive the copy of school magazine with her on the cover page! Being the only child, she was pampered and hence spoiled to the T. As she was waiting impatiently for the dad in their luxurious car, she looked in the front mirror. She couldn’t help admiring her hazel doe eyes and glowing milky white skin. The chiseled jaw line and silky tresses were adding to her beautiful face. Sitting idle, she started comparing herself with her classmates.

“Hands down I am the most beautiful and admirable of all,” she wondered.

Eve felt proud of the enchantress in herself. As she was lost in her thoughts, she didn’t even realize when she reached the school.

As she reached in time for her first class, everyone was shocked to see her. Even Lisa, her best friend, was startled to see her in time. Eve had never reached her classes on time though that never bothered her. May be because she was born with a silver spoon or rather a shovel in her mouth! Though an average student who was a late arriver, she was hardly ever scolded. Besides her influential background, her extraordinary looks were another reason for the same. 

Initially, she never paid any attention to her looks but gradually she started noticing them. Few days back when the school photographer clicked her solo pictures along with the class pictures, she thought that her father had told the school to do so.  That day was pretty long and tiring for her as her classmates were curious to know the purpose of her solo clicks.

“Eve, why did the photographer tell you to stay back?”   “Why don’t you ever get scolded even if you are late?” were few of the queries that were tossed on her. 

In present day, the school had ended.  Eve had to wait for her dad for long as he was stuck in a meeting. Her mom was also not in town. Since she didn’t want to go home along with chauffeur, she preferred to visit the shopping complex along with Lisa. Money wasn’t an issue since she had a credit card. 

They had just entered the mall when two men came to them; they were sent by her dad to assist her. Both girls had a gala time while shopping at their favorite brand stores.

On the way out, Eve accidentally bumped into a man.

“Sorry,” apologized Eve.

“No worries Miss. I am Jude B. If you are comfortable, will you like to be the face for my next photo shoot?”asked the man before giving her his card.

The girls couldn’t believe their ears. Eve didn’t know what to answer. She couldn’t believe her luck. Today only she saw herself on the cover page of school magazine and now this offer! 

“I am really beautiful or may be drop –dead gorgeous. That’s why people get besotted with me,” she wondered.

“What if I say yes? I will be famous all over. I won’t be known by my dad’s name but I will have my own identity. I shall not leave this opportunity.” She had decided.

As she was just about to nod positively, Lisa intervened.

“Eve, before you decide anything, please have a word with your parents. After all, you need to manage middle school studies as well,” advised Lisa.

Eve agreed and told Jude to call her later. By now, she was all restless and irritated. She just wanted to crack this great news to her dad and begin with her photo shoot!

As soon as she met her dad, she told him instantly about the offer.

“Ok Dotty, go ahead,” he answered.

Eve was exhilarated; she felt like a dog with two tails. 

She immediately dialed Jude’s number, “Mr. Jude, I am ready and thank you so much.” 

After calling up, she looked at herself in the mirror, “No one can help not falling in love with me. I am an ethereal beauty.” This euphoric emotion failed to sink in her.


“Hey buddy, what are you doing? If you are free, let’s go for hangout, “said Lisa.

“Not possible. The heat outside will affect my skin,” bragged Eve while manicuring her nails.

Lisa felt dejected but Miss Fashion (That’s what her friends started to call her)  preferred to ignore. She didn’t want to look bad in her clicks.


“Hey, let’s go to canteen for your treat, “her pals had circled her.

“Not today, Jude is coming as we have something important to discuss, “Eve snubbed them away.


Lisa could see a dramatic change in her best companion’s behavior. 

“Eve, shall I tell you something? You have changed a lot since the time you have been on the main page and post that offer. Don’t you feel you have become self centered and selfish,” Lisa finally decided to have a word with her.

Lost in her world, Eve chuckled, “I see. It seems you are jealous of my fame and beauty like our other mates.  Lisa, I at least didn’t expect such a disgusting remark from you.”

Fearing a showdown Lisa walked out with misty eyes. Though Eve had noticed her tears, yet she wasn’t affected. (After all, the whole world was jealous of her beauty!)


Today was a great day in Eve’s life. She was jubilant and excited as the prints of her photo shoot were about to be out! She wanted to celebrate this day with her near and dear ones. But since her parents were out for an unavoidable reason, she decided to call Lisa.

“Hey Lisa, come home. Let’s celebrate my big day,” she blurted out her excitement.

“Congratulations! but I am stuck with some work,” apologized Lisa.

A tearful Eve called out her other friends but none of them was available to celebrate her big day!

Disappointed she pondered over the situation, she recalled her dad’s words, “Darling, we are happy seeing you growing so beautiful and famous but remember don’t let this widen the distance between you and your beloved ones.”

Though at that time, she had ignored him but today those words of wisdom echoed in her ears.

“I was so happy with Lisa and my schoolmates till few months back. When my beauty became a devil and eclipsed my life, I didn’t realize. Thanks Dad,” she smiled and decided to mend her broken ties; which she did. Her next school year went by pretty well as she had perceived that charm alongside pride are best avoided.


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3 thoughts on “The Dawn of Realisation

  1. I am short of words
    This is beautiful and so mature
    And so well written
    Gripping the reader with👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 consistency

  2. Dear Saumya,

    Lovely story. And a powerful message too. Stay humble, else you’ll be alone when you need help. This point was put across so beautifully.

    Keep writing!

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