The day the mountain cried

The day the mountain cried

(Conversations between a mother and her son (also the Sun))

“Can’t live with you forever, let me go,
you’re blocking my shine, occluding my flow.”
said the Sun, wriggling, squirming out of her lap, 
The mother mountain, stared at the broadening gap.

Up he rose, marching higher ‘n higher, 
A spectacle of fierce fiery desire.
Pompous proud in his splendiferous glow,
blithe blind aloof away from his mother’s woe.

She endured, scorching under his amber stride.
His fury ‘n her bitter guilt seared her insides.
She couldn’t lay it aside, what her son had implied.

It was dusk, shadows grew long, easier to chase,
Weary worsted, the Sun fell from his divine grace,
into his mother’s waiting warm ‘n soft embrace.

The mother cradled her son, grudges cast aside

Silent plea spoken ‘n heard, left both dewy -eyed.
The Sun- The son (homophones -used interchangeably here)
The mountain- the mother (used interchangeably here)

Author’s note- Dedicated to all the mothers, ever ready to forgive and forget. Always waiting with open arms.

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