The Dead Leave Trails

The Dead Leave Trails

“ I told you to do your work! Stop screwing up your face! Get going!” Jack nearly hit the teen in her face.

With her vegetable peeling left midway, she turned to face her daughter Selene.

 “ Did he beat you?”

Rushing to her daughter, she took her in her arms, consoling her!

” I was just watching the ‘National League’!

” This is the third time, he has turned so violent!”

Rebecca entered ……

 Holding a near-empty whiskey bottle in hand, Jack looked terrifying. He had returned home after two nights.

“ Okay, I…  I am sorry… sorry.  Sorry! I ..did…I didn’t mean too!” She could tell that Jack had lost most of his fatherly instincts towards his step-daughter Selene.

The development was recent!

At first, everything was moving smoothly, but now over three weeks, Jack had turned restless,angry, and impatient. Their son Tim, who was studying in school, was ten.

Rebecca had divulged more about her past than Jack had before marriage. But she knew he had been in and out of many relationships in the past.

One day, Jack failed to return home. 

It was November, and misty outside. Jack had been away for two days. He was supposed to return on Wednesday, and now, it was Saturday. His mobile was off. His colleagues, when contacted said they knew nothing.

 He had taken his car with him. That was the last time his family saw him.

The front door bell rang on Saturday morning. Peering out, Rebecca saw the Sheriff .

Selene and Tim stood behind her as Rebecca led the Sheriff in.

“ You are Rebecca, Jack Roland’s wife?”

“Yes Sir! Is everything alright?” Her voice shook as she spoke.

“ I am afraid, things are not fine! Your husband is sitting handcuffed. He has been charged with first-degree murder and arson. I want some facts from you!”

Rebecca’s legs felt weak and Selene came forward to help their mother to the nearby chair!

“ Do you have any recollection of his remaining absent from home for long periods of time?”

“Yes, I do! He would say, since he has been transferred to far off place, he would have to remain absent from home on certain days. ”

“ Did you notice anything unusual about him? His behaviour, or things he carried home from work?”

Rebecca stared at her daughter.

“ Pop was very hostile most of the times! He would drink a lot!”

“Recently, he broke the television !”

Rebecca said, “ It is true that he was indeed behaving weird!

But he also brought gifts for his children.”

 “ Selene! Tim! Bring the leather covered notebook, the bracelet, and the crystal earrings, that papa brought for you!”

The Sheriff opened the file, that he was carrying with him. Glancing through it and after a few phone calls, the Sheriff said,

“ Well, Rebecca, Susan, and Tim, I am sorry to inform you that the things given to you as gifts were actually things that belonged to the victims.”

To Rebecca, he said, “Your husband killed and mutilated his victims. They were teenage girls, who belonged to his victims.

The Sheriff left!
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