The Diary

The Diary

Rati was cleaning her late granny’s room. She saw an old trunk, wherein she came across the radio and a tattered diary, which read, “My Story”.


It’s been a year I married Rahul. He is a DGP which keeps him busy. Of late, I started developing muscle pain, my treatment is still on. To while away the time, Rahul gifted me a new radio.

After tuning, only one station came, the Radio Jokey welcomed the listeners, wherein they could dedicate the songs through letters. 

I was shocked to hear my name and place I lived, on the dedication list with one of my favourite songs, from an unknown admirer. After the song, suddenly the signal went off, this continuously happened for two days. 

Fourth day, I switched on the radio, this time, the Radio Jockey also revealed, the admirer wanted to meet me near the Famous Garden, and if I failed to go, he would come to my present address. This incident shook me. The songs played were my favourites, I doubted whether it was Prakash. 

I decided to go.

I saw Prakash waiting for me. 

“I knew you would come, it has been two years since we met. You ditched me, for a rich guy. Either you come with me, to spend your life, or else I will reveal everything to your husband “, he said.

“I am innocent, you wanted to earn money and left. Later, I learnt I was pregnant. You did not even leave any address to contact, with no choice, I had to marry Rahul. But, I lost the child. Please leave my life, Rahul does not know anything”, I replied.

Prakash disbelieved me. I only had two days to decide.

I returned home, my mind was blank.

The third day, I thought of meeting Prakash, to settle the things. But when I saw the newspaper, I was shocked to read,

“Prakash, the most wanted and absconding smuggler, killed in an encounter by DGP Rahul”

Everything in front of me started turning black. 

Later, I see myself in the hospital. Rahul comes to me and says, ” Dear, you had fainted yesterday. It seems because of your medication, you were hallucinating many things. 

I was stunned… 

I never touched the radio after meeting Prakash. 

Once, I was cleaning my wardrobe, I came across my old bag, an unposted letter that I had once written to Prakash, was missing. I got doubtful, was it Rahul who opened it?


The last page was unreadable, except for some three words. 

Rati took the radio from the trunk, started tuning it, and got the signal, where the Radio Jokey welcomed the listeners, and she was shocked to hear her name, place, on the dedication list with her favourite song, from an unknown admirer. 

Unable to stop the radio, finally, she broke the antenna, opened the trunk and placed it inside.

Inside the return flight, Rati was connecting the three words that she read.. Careful, Truth and Radio.

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