The Dino in My Head

The Dino in My Head

While my thoughts wandered in search of a good plot, I unmindfully sketched the doodle of a dino. 

“Hmm, not bad. What should I name him?” I wondered. As I drew his tail a bit longer to balance the proportion, pop came a sound. 


Startled, I looked around. Nah! There was no one around. My thoughts were yet to knock with the package of plots, so I got back to my drawing. The newly sharpened pencil was enjoying the tango. I was busy making some protrusions on his tail, when my cochlea caught another bellow, “Damn!” 

“Damn!” said I, and stood up. Confused, I put the index finger inside my ear, hoping to clear the tunnel. I checked the door; it was bolted. The cell phone was soundless. Wondering about the source, I peeked outside the window. Alas! not a soul was around. All I could see was lush green hillocks, glamorised by the season’s shower. The wait was getting longer. I poked my thoughts to hurry. A cuppa coffee will unravel the unwanted tangles. I went to brew one. 

Slurrrp…slurrrp…glug… Bliss, I thought. Thoughts…you scamp. Where did you stray off and where’s my plot? Don’t you betray today; not today, please. And…what was that sound? Nope, ‘twas twice. Am I experiencing tinnitus? Hell no! 

The dino was staring at me. By now, he looked more like an Ankylosaurus; rugged and ferocious. Actually, worse. He got deformed, just for the want of a plot. 

I winked at him, took a sip of my coffee and… Lo and behold! There she was. I quickly rested the cup on my table and got back to my seat.  Oh! Finally, there you are. I’m glad you found your way in; into my noggin. Quickly, I configured and cloaked her, with the best possible words from my lexis. I tried to dress her well, for, she was to appear on a leaf, and that too, for the first time. Finally, she was all set to flaunt herself, before the squad of talented writers. I was sceptical, for, she was born out of a neophyte. Yet, I let her go; for I did not wish to clip her wings. She once belonged to me, but now, craved to be the worlds. 

“Phew! Task’s done.” I thanked the telencephalon for fetching me an idea. As I leaned back on my cosy beanbag, my eyes fell upon the dino. Strangely, it looked craggy. I grabbed the sheet for a closer look. Illusion or mind games?  For, the dino now looked more like a decaying lizard. As of those sounds, I know not of their source. Maybe they were vagabonds or simply the repercussions of my own thoughts. 


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