The Dismal Nothingness

The Dismal Nothingness

A lone woman shudders and cries
woeful melody, she croons; sighs.
deadly devastation around
hopelessness, fear runs aground
Desolate rains singe her

A sea of bodies floats distraught
scarlet river, her life’s a naught
Hollow vacant eyes, shattered dreams, 
Empty broken heart, painful screams,
Desolate clouds break free

She stumbles, crying and praying
for miracle, her arms cradling
the dear child she’s lost forever 
a vacuum to be filled never
Desolate tears choke her

No charm remaining; bleak, broken,
she’s now just a woman barren
caressing her precious daughter
she promises to journey o’er
Desolate, she awaits.

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