The Doctors’ Dilemma

The Doctors’ Dilemma

Dr. Sujay Saxena was terribly exhausted after the day’s hard work and a difficult surgery. It was already midnight and he had just come home after his late-night rounds which he compulsorily took on the days of his surgery. As he just made himself recumbent on his bed, his phone bell rang.

Doctor Sahib, it’s me, Anil Sharma. Remember, you had treated me last year? Thanks to your great care I’m completely cured. My Brother-in-law is having constipation and feeling bloated. Please tell me some medicines.

Dr. Sujay felt his irritability quotient rising, but he had no choice. He was morally obliged to cater to every human’s medical woes, however trivial they might look, at whatever time of the day.
He calmly spelt out the medicines and hung up.

Trring trrrring…..
Dr. Sujay was suddenly awakened by another call. He looked at the phone. It was 2-30 AM.

Who is this calling so many times? Muttered Dr. Shailaja, his wife, irritatingly, who had to leave early next morning for a laboring patient, who would probably need induction.

Doctor Sahab! I’m Dilip Chadha! You remember? You had operated on my wife 2 years ago. I am having frequent urination. Please tell me some medicines.

Dr. Sujay felt his head heavy from tiredness and lack of sleep. He wanted to explain how tired he was and how lack of sleep could reduce his performance the next day, but how could a doctor say this? 

Take Tablet URISPAS now and show me tomorrow. 

What? DURI? Please write on WhatsApp and send doctor Sahib.

Turning on one side to the other, Dr. Sujay had lost his sleep. He kept lying quietly lest his wife should be disturbed.
The next day was as busy as other days. Dilip Chadha had come to show him in the hospital and was seen haggling with the receptionist for charges.

I know Doctor sahib well and he has only asked me to come today. I have come just for an opinion not for any procedure.

Dr. Sujay gestured and asked him to be let in without payment. A quick clinical examination was done and a complete urine analysis was asked for.
Doctor sahib! Let it be! Just write the medicines. Your hands are miraculous. Your pen does wonders, he was chuckling showing his stained teeth.

Another patient walked in to get a certificate made.

Doctor sahib please write, that I was admitted under your care for a week.

Sorry! I can certify only and only if you have been under my care. Dr. Sujay was stern. 
An old man was brought in the ER. He was having organ failure as was evident from his reports from the hospital he left against medical advice.

As he was being seen, he collapsed. There was a melee’ as relatives gathered in large numbers.

Aghast, Sujay could only say –you seem different!

Dr. Sujay was being wheeled into the OT. He had been lynched sustaining head injuries.
Author’s Note:
This is a true story of all doctors. The same patients who do not quiver an inch to use a doctor to his maximum conveniently resort to violence when they do not find results to their liking. Every patient, therefore has an Alter-image which may not add up to his face value. 

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