The Doctor’s Wife

The Doctor’s Wife

I adjusted my hat and binoculars for the reconnaissance. Though the case was closed, I couldn’t digest the fact that the most reputed doctor in town had accidentally overdosed.

Mrs. Rodrigues finally emerged from her house. She sat on the wooden swing in the garden and was doing something on her phone with her one hand. The house with the little garden and a beautiful woman on the swing made a pretty picture for outsiders. But, I wasn’t an outsider.

After four days of keeping an eye on her, I couldn’t find anything out of place. Despite the orders from my seniors’ to leave the widow alone, I decided to approach her.

“Hello Mrs. Rodrigues, how are you?”

“Officer Roy. Please come inside. Tell me how can I help you?” she said twiddling her thumb.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just came to check on you. No relatives have stayed back?”

“Everyone’s busy with their personal lives, Officer. They left immediately after the funeral. As for me, it will still take time for the fact to sink that my husband is no more.” She started sobbing.

I offered her a glass of water and noticed how badly she was shaking and sweating.

I casually looked around the house, but nothing looked suspicious. Disappointed, I bid my goodbyes and left. The area around the house was very deserted and I decided to walk around. There was a marshy land, stuffed with flies and other insects just less than a mile away from the doctor’s house. I looked around and hit a jackpot.

The next morning, I reached Mrs. Rodrigues’ house with my team. I was hoping to get out the truth.

“Umm… Officers?” She stammered.

“Mrs. Rodrigues, sorry to bother you like that, but we want to know what exactly happened to your hand.” I stepped forward.

“Anthony was driving and we met with an accident. My hand was caught under the seat as my air bag did not open, whereas he escaped unhurt. It was so badly injured that they had to amputate it below the elbow to save my life.”

“Oh, then how come we found a part of YOUR hand in that swamp a mile away? Do not lie. We have run tests which confirms that it is indeed yours.”

Mrs. Rodrigues broke down, “He was an alcoholic and abusive man. He may be a good doctor for the entire town, but he had made my life hell. I tried to tell people, but nobody would believe me over his lies.

He cut my hand in a fit of drunken rage! And being the good doctor that he is, he tended to my wounds and cooked up this story. He always threatened me with dire consequences. I was so fed up with him. So this time, I killed him. Mixed a few extra sleeping pills in the entire bottle that he drinks. I am free from that monster forever and ready for the repercussions as well.”


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