The Enchanted Kingdom

The Enchanted Kingdom

Let’s close our eyes, intertwine our hands, as we embark on our voyage to the enchanted place!!!
Let stars be our guide and Moon be our light, a path which the world can never trace!!!
Where the souls never rests,
Where true love never hates,
Where they Praise our Bonding, shower with blessings and look at us with amaze!!!

This Virgin land, adorned with pink tulips, where the petals bestow the butterflies with life!!!
Where gigantic waves crashing on the limestone caves, welcomes, the new, Man and Wife!!!
The soft aromatic chilly breeze,
Feels as gentle, as your kiss,
The cascading milk, gushing down the hill, seems to dissolve life’s all strife!!!

Where the Glory of Paradise, play hide and seek, over the thick green canopy!!!
Where the chirping birds and hooting owls, sings song, so heavenly!!!
The whistling woods,
Illuminates the mood,
Ignites the hearts, making the souls swoon, to nature’s, lovingly abstract medley!!!

The waning moon, the stars obscured by clouds, cast a spell of romanticism!!!
The pristine lakes, that reflects the twinkling fireflies, glorifies surrealism!!!
Let’s embrace this magical beauty,
Cherishing, each moment, till eternity,
Let this enthralling haven, embellish our love castle, symbolising an Enchanted Kingdom!!!

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