The End


The End!

Whether it is an end of something or someone, your story must deal with something that is not coming back or never going to happen again, at least in your tale. Examples of these ‘ends’ are the end of barbaric traditions, the end of recession, the end of unemployment, the end of slavery, the end of animal farming/ agriculture, the end of marriage institution, the end of the year, the end of the world, the end of a tyrant’s regime, the end of monarchy, the end of human life, etc.

  • Send in your entries to as a word document attachment (.doc/.docx)
  • Send along a 2-3 line bio (if not sent previously)
  • A cover picture for your story  is required (Penmancy tip: use Pixabay, Pexels or Unsplash to source) We appreciate even if you attach the link of the image source.
  • The subject of your mail should be “Entry for #TheEnd″ (compulsory)

1. Rules:

a. Your fictional story can be in any genre or a combination of two or more.

b. The submitted story must be between 2000-3000 words (each). Entries lower than or exceeding the word limit will stand disqualified for the event. (Penmancy Tip: Use to check your word count)

c. There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit- though only the first one of them will qualify for winning.

d. Previously published or plagiarised works will not be considered for contention. The writer of such content stands to be disqualified for the next Penmancy event.

e. Stories found to have been shared on another platform or blog before the declaration of results stand disqualified from the event.

f. In case a story is received after the submission deadline, it shall be considered as a guest entry and shall not qualify for the contest.

2. Winning criteria:

The winner will be chosen on the basis of votes from the readers and the judges’ scores (out of 10), in the ratio 30:70

  • Judges’ scores to be based on-
    • plot/story/creativity (15 points)
    • language/grammar (10 points)
    • narrative voice & content (9 points)
    • emotional impact, (8 points)
    • use of prompt/theme (8 points) 
  •  The voting process for the readers:
    • The option for rating would be given below each story on the website.
    • Readers to rate the story on the basis of 5 (rate it based on the content, language, creativity, prompt and emotional impact).
    • Readers can vote once for each story. Multiple votes shall not be recorded.
    • Once the rating is given, your vote is recorded and cannot be altered.
    • Writers are requested to share the link of the posts to garner more votes.
  • The entries adjudged by a panel of judges and event organisers shall be binding. Judges’ scores to be deemed final and may not be contested.
  • Individual scores shall NOT be shared with the participants/ contestants.

3. All writers are required to read and comment on 5 stories other than their own and encourage their fellow writers with valuable and constructive inputs. Comments like “nice”, “good work”, “brilliant piece”, etc. do not provide the necessary critique and are not helpful for anyone.

4. Only stories that garnered an average score/rating of 7.5 and above, as aggregated on voting and judges’ scores, shall be eligible for winning.  

5. Contest duration:

  • The submission for the contest is open from December 15, 2020 to January 15, 2021.
  • The stories would be open for voting until January 21st, 2021, midnight
  • Results for the event shall be shared on January 22nd, 2021 at 8:00 pm

6. Top three winners will receive  the book “it happens by Bhaswar Mukherjee

For questions related to the rules and criteria, please write to us at or through the Contact Us section on the website.

Scroll down for : Frequently Asked Questions or Click here


Here are the submitted stories for the event:


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#Harness Writing

The End

Q1. Will the word count cover the title?
A1. No, the total word count is not inclusive of the title of the story.

Q2. Does the story have to be in first person or third person?
A2. The voice of the story is entirely your own choice; first or third, make your choice.

Q3. Do I need to submit a fresh story?
A3. Absolutely! Previously published stories will not be considered for the event. Plagiarised stories stand disqualified for this event and will have the writer banned from the next event.

Q4. Where do I send my entry?
A4. Please send your entry to or through submission section on our website.

Q5. What should be the dimensions of a cover if I wish to send one along with my story?
A5. Your ideal story cover must be in the dimension 1200px by 675px. 

Q6. Where can I find non-copyrighted photos for my story cover?
A6.  There are a host of online platforms that provide free photos. Some of them are- pixabay (dot) com; unsplash (dot) com; pexels (dot) com.

Q7. Will my story be considered for the event if the word limit exceeds by a few words?
A7. Every event has a definite word count and it is ideal to follow it. Use to check the word-count as you go along and make a few minor edits and your story would be just fine!

Q8. I may have already sent my bio/ profile photo to Penmancy, so am I required to send them again?
A8. Unless you wish to send an updated profile or a different photo, there is no need to resend them. It would be great if you can make a mention of the same in the mail.

Q9. Am I allowed to share my story on my social media?
A9. Ideally, the more people read your story the more voice it will get. Therefore, feel free to share the link of the story on your social media or your Facebook timeline. Kindly use #TheEnd and #Penmancy while sharing, please. However, you may want to wait until the results of the event are announced to share it on your blog/website or another writing platform. Don’t forget to share a backlink to your story at Penmancy. (Why? Because of Q3).

Q10. Do I need to be a member of Write.Read.Support. group on Facebook to send an entry to this writing event?
A10. Write.Read.Support. aims at bringing readers to interact and learn from each other. Moreover, when the stories are shared in the group, we usually get great feedback from fellow writers making us hone our craft. So hop right in, we’d love to have you there. Let’s learn and grow together.

Q11. How is my story going to be adjudged?
A11. Your story will be adjudged by a team of Penmancy judges and event organisers. Submitted entries to be adjudged based on the use of

  • plot/story/creativity (15 points)
  • language/grammar (10 points)
  • narrative voice & content (9 points)
  • emotional impact, (8 points)
  • use of prompt/theme (8 points)

Total scores will be aggregated to derive the average score out of 10 in conjunction with the readers’ votes in the proportion 70:30.

Q12. Do I compulsorily need to read and comment on 5 other stories?
A12. To qualify for the event, it is expected that all writers read and support others’ works by providing valuable comments/feedback on their stories to help them improve their craft because we believe in cooperation and reciprocity. And who knows what you might find valuable to incorporate in your own story next?

Q13. What happens to my story if it does not win?
A13. We are pleased to host your story on our website under the specific category that your story seems fit. 

Q14. If I do not win this contest, can I withdraw my submission to be published elsewhere?
A14. The copyright of the story resides with you. However, before withdrawing your story, please read our Terms of Use.

For questions related to the rules and criteria, please write to us at or through the Contact Us section on the website.


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