The Era Of Love

The Era Of Love

She was his, and he would do anything to keep her in his life. Rahul scribbled something on a piece of paper. He then tucked it into his pocket. The sun melted in the arms of the sky, night kissed the waves softly. 

A crimson-colored saree adorned her delicate body. Piya was getting ready for her engagement ceremony.   She opened her antique cupboard. Inside the pages of a book was a withered rose, and a bunch of handwritten letters. Tears rolled down her eyes. One drop fell on a piece of paper and the ink smudged. 

Rahul recorded his confession over an audio cassette. He sent it to Piya somehow. Along with it was his scribbled note. 

“Piya I wanted to say this for a long time but couldn’t. I love you from the bottom of my heart. If it’s a yes from your side, please leave a single ring on my telephone number.”

Piya opened the note. She kissed the number. Slowly she picked up her phone and disconnected after one ring. Her heartbeat increased. 

Rahul jumped up and down. He turned pink and ran toward a nearby store. He bought her favorite cola. Then he drove to Piya’s home. 

Piya’s family was occupied with Geetmala on the radio. Rahul managed to sneak into Piya’s room. She was hugging the ink-smudged letter and sleeping like a baby. Rahul blushed to see his poems in Piya’s embrace. Suddenly Piya woke up. 

“It’s too late now, Rahul I am engaged. Even though I love you, we can’t be together. I can’t betray my family,” Piya remarked with teary eyes. 

“I know that I just came to see you one last time and to confess that my love will be the same, even if we aren’t together. Piya you loved me for once, and with that feeling, I will spend all my life.” Rahul sobbed. 

Suddenly loud noises were heard in the living room. Piya rushed down, only to find Rahul’s father at the door. He had a book in his hand. And he was showing it off to Piya’s parents. 

“My son’s a renowned author now, and no more just a poor unemployed guy. This is his contract with the publisher. He proposed to your daughter after he found work,” Rahul’s father cried. 

Rahul and Piya appeared together. “We never knew what love was, until we accepted each other’s drawbacks and strengths. We will make our marriage work, sir” Rahul promised Piya’s dad. 

“This is my first pay cheque,” Rahul removed a brown envelope and handed it to Piya’s father. 

Rahul and Piya get married and make their marriage work despite a diverse socio-economic background. 


Curtains fall and the play set up in the 90’s era ends. As Tina and Vikas walk out, they look into each other’s eyes. They know what love is. Not texts, selfies, or gifts. It’s about effort and acceptance. They decide to give their marriage a second chance. 

Era’s change- Love is the same. 
Authors note: 
The first line in this story is from Deepa Vishal’s QuinTale-55 story ‘Anything of Love’.
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