The Experienced Newbie

The Experienced Newbie

“What is wrong with bhau*? Why would he send a newbie on this all-important expedition?” Bantu fumed. His accomplice, Dhondu too was against this idea of bhau sending Ganpat, the new incumbent for a very demanding job like this.

“He will be caught and will spill the beans once the cops start kicking his guts. We are doomed.”

“No, nothing of that sort will happen.” Bhau’s baritone voice jolted the duo. 

“BBB…..hhh…aaaa…..u,” Bantu fumbled. “I didn’t mean to doubt your decision but sending Ganpat the newbie to plant a bomb at the New Year party to finish your arch-rival sounds scary.”

“Do you both know why I am convinced that Ganpat will do the job? He desperately needs money. His mother is bedridden and his wife is expecting their first baby. People who are in dire need of money would go to any extent to prove their mettle. And remember he is a newbie, no one would suspect him of belonging to a gang like ours. He rubbed his palms in glee. “My staunch enemy will see the darkness of hell soon.”

Turning towards Dhondu he commanded. “Here is the entry pass for the function. The bomb is designed in such a way that it will bypass all detectors. Tuck it inside the pocket of Ganpat’s shirt and give him the best leather jacket.” He took a pinch of snuff and sneezed a couple of times.

“Good omen,” he patted himself.

‘He has gone senile… senile that is it,’ Dhondu muttered under his breath and walked away.

Ganpat left at 10.30, smartly dressed in the leather jacket

“Follow him and call me once he is ushered into the venue. I have told Ganpat to walk out of the venue at 11.50 after setting the bomb and run across to the ground to meet you both. All three hop into the car and start moving. You will hear the blast exactly as the clock strikes 12.” Bhau instructed Dhondu and Bantu. 

As Ganpat entered the venue, the duo noticed that he was stopped by the security guards. Was it an altercation? But in a few seconds, they saw Ganpat walking in with full confidence.

They waited patiently for Ganpat to emerge from the venue. But there was no sign of Ganpat even as the clock chimed past 11.55.

Someone tapped them from behind. Upon turning they found themselves confronting two cops.

Just then the clock struck 12 and there were blended sounds of blasts, but the duo realised they were all sounds of crackers bursting in the venue.

One of the cops answered a phone call.

“Yes Ganpat sir, they are in our custody. Tukaram must have arrested bhau by now.”

“I told you bhau has gone senile,” Dhondu muttered.

“Ganpat is not the newbie but bhau is still a newbie. He believed the sob story of the inspector.” Groaned Bantu.
Bhau ——– A term used to address an elder brother or someone older.
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