The Fate

The Fate

             “Hey Ram, we had a new English Teacher when you were absent. He is really a amazing man unlike his predecessor, who used to be very biased.” said Aman excitedly to his best friend.
            “Oh, That’s great indeed!” exclaimed Ram. The chattering, bantering in the classroom ceased. Few students started packing their scattered lunch boxes. Some were rushing to their respective places as the school bell rang.

                The new English Teacher Mr.Alex entered the room. Everybody greeted in chorus with great reverence. He reciprocated with a genuine smile and beckoned them to sit.

          He took attendance, asked Ram about his absence. Ram answered that his father passed away in an accident, and even before he could complete,  he started sobbing like a child.

           Mr.Alex consoled him by striking his back gently, he came close to him and hugged tightly. He looked into his eyes lovingly. Ram was pacified by his warm gesture.

              Mr.Alex resumed the class. He neither opened the book and recited the lessons, nor asked the students to do so. Everybody listened to his class eagerly. He was talking, throwing interesting questions, kept everyone engaged with his interactive teaching style. He made the students predict the story. The students clustered themselves into three groups each with a verdict of the climax of the story he was telling. They are were having fun at the classroom, at the same time they were learning also. The class ended and everyone were upset that it ended abruptly. Mr.Alex instructed them not to read the remaining story in advance.

        Back home, Ram could not stop thinking about Mr.Alex.
       It feels I already knew him.
       There is something special about those loving and mesmerizing eyes,
       he thought and gradually dozed off.

          At school, The glory of Mr.Alex  reached the Principal’s ear. He visited the class to witness the same. He was surprised to see how the once naughty students were so engrossed in his class. They were the same students who were very tough, ill-mannered that no teacher would survive more than a week. He expressed his satisfaction to Mr.Alex and informed the students that Mr.Alex Sir had got his vision only a day before he joined. He was partially blind since birth. On hearing this, they were shocked and the respect they had for Mr Alex increased manifold among the students.

          Suddenly Ram, recalled that his Parents had registered for organ donation earlier. At home, Ram enquired his mother regarding his late father wish for organ donation. She said, she had fulfilled it successfully and also that she learnt from the doctors that they had corneal transplantation to a patient immediately. Ram, realized that his Mr.Alex’s vision were gifted from his father, and why he felt a special connection with him.

          He felt happy as he could feel his father’s presence  through Mr.Alex, a part of him is still living and helping people. Such things happens in once a blue moon, he smiled and felt proud of his dad.

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