The “Feelings” Vessel

The “Feelings” Vessel

Vessel full of feelings and emotions, 
It’s all about the heart and passion,
Life throws pebbles, thorns and riddles, 
Feelings do not matter, they say,
They play the key role in life, 
Making it easy to lead life. 

Of all the things life gets, 
Nothing lasts forever in the universe, 
There’s no forever, only the present,
Feelings determine what kind of soul, 
You own in your heartful soul, 
Making you the person that you’re. 

Feelings are dabbed in the heart, 
Scared of opening up to people, 
Keeping them inside pains like hell, 
Deep emotions tickle the heart and, 
You may not say, but eyes spill, 
The secrets of love, joy & life. 
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