The Feminists

The Feminists

When I was studying in 11th my school bus used to pass in front of ‘The Institute of Hotel Management’. The thought of studying hotel management fascinated me. So, I approached my parents about wanting to study in that college.

My parents took the news well, they were happy that I had taken the initiative of finding out about this college while all around me students were either preparing for entrance exams to engineering or medical colleges. So, after due process I joined the institute.  

It was during my 2nd year when I was in Delhi that I happened to meet a few of my family members. It was then that I realized that my parents had not just supported me but protected me from the family pressure of letting a girl of our family join such a course. It was unimaginable that a girl from our family would work in a hotel; make beds and clean bathrooms, serve people food and clear away the dirty dishes in a restaurant.

When I heard these comments, I was flabbergasted. So, I asked my parents about it; they confirmed that these sentiments had been expressed. They said that they had collectively decided to allow me to pursue a career I wanted just like any boy in the family would be. That they would not burden me with such negative emotions and make me feel as if they had to stand up against the family because of me.

So, for me both my mom and dad are feminists; more so my mom because during this incident she told me that she had not been allowed to pursue a career in BARC as a scientist by my grandfather and she didn’t want me to have the same regret as she did.  


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