The Fitness Mantra

The Fitness Mantra

‘Oooh, aaah, ouch, spare me, don’t be so hard on me’, I whimpered, but she cared not a whit. In fact, I think my taut body excited her to be more forceful and aggressive.

Just then her phone trilled, and she went to answer it. I had barely taken a breath when I heard him .

‘ I pity you’, he said. ‘ She pounds you every day, treats you like a king just for a couple of hours and the rest of the time chucks you without a care. How do you tolerate such behaviour?’

‘ Oh, thanks for being so concerned about me. I belong to her totally and it’s her prerogative as to how she looks after me. Though I must say that I love being handled by her. Her soft hands, her breath on my cheeks, her pliant body, all make me tremble.

And when she’s in the mood, nothing can beat that feeling.

As to the rest of the day, well! What can I say? It’s obvious , isn’t it, that she has other things to take care of. So I don’t really mind if she leaves me after she’s done.

But enough about my preferential treatment or the lack of it. You tell me, you are the one who’s literally seen the ups and downs, soared to dizzying heights which I cannot even fathom. But you get your half an hour of fame only thrice a week. Don’t you feel neglected? Or worse, used and ignored? And what is it that she calls you? I find it so weird. Dumbo!

‘ Well ‘, replied Dumbo, ‘ better than yours, Mr. Matty ‘, in a voice colder and heavier than his add-ons.

‘ Ohoo , don’t take offence, Dumbo. I was just trying to make you feel lighter ‘, I quipped.

‘ Well , if you really want to know, I sometimes feel lonely because others see my weight and shy away from me. Just the other week, Naina had brought some featherweights with her. Oh Matty! You should have seen them! So enticing, so alluring. I tried my pick-up lines on them, you know, where I say, “ Hey Beauties, you look as if you need a lift. May I do the honours?” And they just blankly rolled away.

I mean, why look at my weight? Look at my strength, all steel. Look at my grip, so strong! But all they can see is my bulge .’ replied Dumbo sadly.

‘ Shh, I think Naina’s coming back. Oh my ! Dumbo, doesn’t she look sad ? I wonder what transpired in that call.’

Dumbo whispered, ‘ Matty, she’s not even noticing that we’re ready for the workout.’

‘ Wait, she’s murmuring something. Let me hear what she’s saying’, I said and lent an ear. I could hear her talking to herself. 

‘ Oh Naina, looks like yoga and dumbbells are not getting me anywhere. I’ll have to get some training ropes now for getting the perfect washboard stomach.’


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