The Forbidden Apple

The Forbidden Apple

Steve was in Eden. He could not recollect how he had landed here. There was an eye-catching arrangement of some stones on a hillock. Placed one above the other, they were precariously balanced. Besides this cairn was a Corning’s Gorilla glass dome. It had an APPLE tree within it. 

He looked carefully at himself. There was no garment around him covering his body.

He was lonely. He craved company. Suddenly, there was another naked being beside him. He recognized the face as that of Laurene. He felt an ache in his side and as he touched his torso he felt a space where previously he could feel a rib. One of them was missing.

The sudden appearance of Laurene brought a feeling of ecstasy that made him forget the loss of his rib. Engrossed in each other’s thoughts and presence they roamed Eden.

One day they landed back at the Cairn. As both of them approached a voice boomed out, ”Do not eat the apple from this dome. Enjoy everything else and stay happy.” They moved away and they stayed happy until they came across The Alfa Romeo Logo. It is a round shape that encloses a heraldic red cross, the huge snake eating a man and golden Alfa Romeo letters, located on the top of the circle. The giant serpent, which was gobbling up a man, suddenly hissed to speak. ”Go to the cairn and eat the apple from the tree within the glass dome. You will experience bliss.”

They replied, ”It is forbidden and looks like there is a secret lock on it.”

The serpent, very slyly, divulged the secret to access it.

Thrilled at what they had learnt, both ran towards the cairn.

They reached the base of the huge dome.

The voice boomed out, ” Do not eat the apple from this tree.” However, they were unstoppable. They had been tutored by the serpent.

At the base of the dome was a fingerprint-recognition feature. Laurene touched her right-hand thumb on the button nesting in the base which said HOME. There was a vibration all around which brought the arrangement of the cairn to rubble.

A few of its stones ricocheted hitting the glass dome. There was a crashing sound as the glass shattered in a cacophony of sounds. The dome was unlocked.

As Steve bent forward and grasped the apple from the tree he felt his body being shaken and his wife Laurene’s voice in the distance.

‘’Are you awake – ARE YOU AWAKE STEVE ?? Bill Gammell from Cairn and Bill Gate from Microsoft have been desperately trying to get through to you since morning. The news is that Apple is going into bankruptcy.”

Steve Jobs was wide awake. The call from Cairn could wait. He had to first make a deal with Microsoft. 

He did it !! The year was 1997 !!

This culminated in the famous Steve Job words immortalized by TIME MAGAZINE —

“Bill, Thank you. The world’s a better place.”

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One thought on “The Forbidden Apple

  1. A refreshing contemporary take to the age-old Adam and Eve fable. The ending took the cake. Keep writing more such stories Prahlad.

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