The Frugal Owl

The Frugal Owl

Once there were three lonely owls. “Let’s go on a vacation,” said Skipper, the first owl. “There’s a great owl hotel in California!”

“Yes,” said Snowy, “I want make-up! But vacations are expensive!”

“They are,” said Blizzard. “We should just stay home!” 

“No way,” said Snowy and Skipper. “We’ll manage.”

The next day, the first two owls packed up and left. But Blizzard stayed home. “They’ll regret this. They’ll be broke soon,” muttered Blizzard.

In three days, Snowy and Skipper came home. “Snowy, are you okay?” Blizzard yelped. 

“Of course I’m okay! Why?” 

“What… happened to your eyes?” inquired Blizzard, concerned. 

“I put on make-up! It’s called eyeliner.” But Snowy’s entire face was covered with eyeliner; she had evidently gotten carried away. Her chin also had streaks of lipstick on it.

“Oh. Okay, then…but I don’t think you put it on right,” Blizzard replied. “How much did that lipstick cost, though?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t care!” she smirked. “But check this other stuff out. She revealed a shiny red bag, which had owl make-up, hats, gloves, nail polish, toys, and a variety of other things. Then she flew off happily.

Blizzard turned to Skipper. She was wearing jeweled sunglasses, which were upside down and on the verge of falling. 

“Skipper, you guys shouldn’t spend so much money. You won’t have anything left,” said Blizzard.

“Chill out, Blizzard. And you know, you should come too sometimes, and get these great sunglasses!”


Three months had passed. Snowy and Skipper had decided to go to Paris this time. “Please don’t go, guys! Why don’t you just stay home with me?”

“Blizzard,” said Skipper impatiently, “Like I said, if you get so bored, come with us! We’ll be back in a month!”

“It’s not that! We barely have anything left in our owl bank account!”

But Skipper and Snowy had flown away. “Wait!” cried Blizzard.

Poor Blizzard looked down. Skipper’s upside down sunglasses had finally fallen, and lay on the sand.


Blizzard jolted awake. Who could be at the door? Snowy or Skipper said they would be back in a month!

Blizzard flew to the door. Snowy stood there, weeping. “What are you doing here? Why are you already back?” she asked Snowy worriedly.

Then she saw Snowy carrying something. Ugh, more stuff that they bought!

Instead however, there lay Skipper, unconscious. “She got hit while flying!” cried Snowy.

“Oh, no, let’s take her to the hospital!”

In minutes, they reached the owl hospital. An owl doctor put Skipper in a hospital room. Then he told the other two to wait in the lobby. In a few minutes, the doctor finally came out.

“Skipper will be fine.”


The doctor left, but suddenly Snowy burst into tears. “What’s wrong, Snowy? Skipper will be fine!” Blizzard said.

“You w-were right, we shouldn’t have s-spent so much. H-how will we p-pay for ev-everything?” she stammered. 

“There’s only one way—selling all your new make-up, toys, and everything else!”


Moral: Don’t spend too much money, and always be prepared.


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One thought on “The Frugal Owl

  1. Loved the tale. It was very engaging throughout and with an apt moral. I can’t believe she is just 10 years old. She has a natural flair of writing and pays good attention to grammar and punctuations too. 5 stars from me!

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