The Gift Of Life

The Gift Of Life

Arjun Mathur took a momentous decision being at the crossroad of his life. The accident had completely shaken him up. Only yesterday he and his wife along with their only daughter Sandy were so excited about their first road trip to Jaipur in their new shining red Honda City car. It was Sandy, short for Soundarya who made the plan.

 It had been six months since they were cooped up in their home with their laptop and computer since the pandemic began. Arjun worked as a Senior Manager in a firm. His wife Seema was a teacher and Sandy was in the final semester doing Law. All her friends had already started meeting, going for in -house parties and even venturing out of the city for a mini vacation.

Arjun and Seema felt bad for their obedient and no tantrum daughter. They just had to wear masks, follow all the social distancing norms and they would all be safe. So in a matter of a few hours all the plans were made: staycation booked, bags packed, picnic hamper ready and alarm set for five in the morning. The usual cautious and meticulous planners transformed  into carefree, free-spirited, nonconformist people. Giving in to the joys of life sometimes is a new experience too.

The new car was delivered just before the pandemic. It was the perfect time to take it out. Next morning they set off like kindergarten children going for a picnic. With loud music blaring, they were in a celebratory mood. The roads were empty. The car moved like a silent jaguar, smooth and sleek. In a short time they hit the national highway.  Breakfast was in the car itself and only once they stopped to stretch their legs and backs.

A few hours later  Sandy suggested that she wanted to drive. Arjun looked tired and the roads were practically empty. Arjun and Seema looked at each other with apprehension but conceded. “ No harm in her driving. When will she get another chance and we are always there to guide her.” With great enthusiasm Sandy took over the driver’s seat with her father sitting beside her.

Arjun only remembers dozing off for a second. Next few seconds or minutes or was it hours was a daze. Vague memories of sirens wailing, police, ambulances, chaos and then silence enveloped him. He got up in the hospital with throbbing pain on the left side of his head which was bandaged. A doctor walked up to him, propped him up as he gained some clarity. Everything came rushing back to him, he looked around frantically for his family.

The sombre faces around told it all. Seema had multiple fractures but she would be fine. Sandy was admitted brain dead. The doctors had some organ donation forms with them. Time was crucial. Sandy can live on with her gift of life to others.He broke down but dutifully signed the documents. Sandy would be happy with this right decision. 


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3 thoughts on “The Gift Of Life

  1. Oh Bindu !!

    Thus was so gut wrenching !! It must have been so terrible for a parent to let go of a child without the ritualistic farewell. And yet, it was so noble of Arjun to donate Sandy’s organs.

    I have to point this out –

    Arjun remembers – remembered .. we are talking in the past tense.

    I felt the first sentence (and maybe the second as well) could have been avoided. Keep the readers guessing about the plot. And without mentioning ‘crossroads’, Arjun’s portrayal of his dilemma would have been enough. Your final pair of sentences did portray his predicament without making it obvious. However that’s just my perspective.

    I enjoyed this. In a limitation of 500 words, you have managed to convey a very good story.

    May nobody face the tragedy which befell the Mathurs.

  2. Organ donation however kind, is always traumatic for the person at the other end. Especially, so if it’s a parent. I loved the story, Bindu.

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