The Glade

Verdant green stretches over the rolling
Hills in an undulating symphony
Of hues and shades, merging and enmeshing;
Entwined passionately and embracing.

They appear a union of shy lovers.
Peeking furtively, almost shyly whilst
Copulating; making the blossoms blush
With their amorous glances & advances.

The tranquil glade buzzes, it resonates
With the happy songs of the denizens.
They hum, carouse, cavort gaily in the
Romance of these pastoral elements.

Serenity settles over the glade
As the sun steals over the horizon.
The stillness of the poetic twilight
Infuses, breathes new life into the lea.


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Sonal Singh

Sonal Singh is the Founder/Director of a manpower search firm called Rian Placements. She dabbles in travel and writing. She believes that life is a repertoire of anecdotes strung together in a colourful array, like a beaded necklace. The various situations that we encounter, the many incidents of every day, make life a melange of tales and conversational tidbits. And, this is what she attempts to capture through her writing.

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  1. Nirmala Singh

    Great..Grand 👌🌺

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