The Glow Giving Ritual

The Glow Giving Ritual

With the blessings of parents and at the sight of  the early morning sun
The ritual of turmeric ceremony had begun
Everyone was wearing traditional dresses in fine leather
Friends, relatives all had memorable time and fun

At that moment, I was ecstatic to be with him forever
Freshly grounded turmeric and gram flour were mixed together
Saffron and milk were also added that gave my face the bridal shine
I had worn a sleeveless dress even in that weather

To counter the wedding jitters I drank Pressco, our favorite wine
Eager to apply that yellow paste on me, ladies were standing in line
My sisters were holding phulkari in various hues of orange and yellow over my head with ladoos placed at corners in the fold
Rectangular shaped colorful drawing in front of my seat had a beautiful design

Everyone was having craving for sweetened rice of color yellow was difficult to hold
Lip-smacking food of different cuisines was also served for lunch
His love and that homemade paste did justice in making me glow as gold
Friends and family dancing on the traditional songs was a sight to behold
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